Removing Pet Hair at Home – Go From Furry to Fur-Free!

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If you have a pet (or more than one), you surely have pet hair everywhere! Your floors and furniture are covered in it; the sofas are furry and so are you! But this is no reason to start leaving your furry member of the family out in the doghouse all day. Yes, they shed and then some more; but they deserve to live in a loving home and you, as a loving pet parent, deserve to know a couple of tricks on how to clean and remove pet fur. So, we’ve put together some of the best and most effective ways to pick up pet hair and get your home fur-free again.

Pick Fur of Your Furniture…Literally!

When we say literally, we mean literally! This method involves putting on rubber gloves and gliding your hands over furniture and upholstery to pick up pet hair. Rubber works like a fur-magnet, so bear in mind that the use of this material is always recommended for cleaning pet hair. Keep half a bucket of water close by and a towel at hand to rinse the gloves off and dab them dry with the towel. Don’t worry if the gloves are damp; this actually becomes more effective when picking up fur, just make sure that they’re not damp enough to wet your furniture. For wooden surfaces, we suggest using an anti-static dusting spray. Not only does it make removing fur easier, but also helps to keep pet hair from sticking back onto the surface.

Say Hello to Your Original Floors Again

When removing pet hair from carpets, most homeowners choose to vacuum; but have you noticed how many times you have to go over the same spot to pick up all the hair? Even worse, sometimes you can’t get all the fur no matter how much you vacuum over it. Here’s what you do; run a large pumice stone over the carpet to gather the fur to one end. Most of the pet hair will be in clumps, making it easier for the vacuum to pick up along with the lone hairs remaining on the carpet. Similarly, you can use a hard bristled brush to gather and loosen pet hair from carpets to make vacuuming easier and more effective.

For tiled or hardwood floors, a dry, microfibre or electrostatic mop does well to pick up the majority of pet hair from the floors. The rest can either be swept up or vacuumed.

Stop Wearing Fur!

We’re not accusing you off wearing genuine mink coats or anything, but stepping out in fur-covered clothes isn’t very nice either. The trick here is get off as much pet hair from your clothes before you throw them in the washer, or you’ll find stubborn hairs stuck to your clothes even after they’re washed. Moreover, you’ll need to clean your washing machine if fur remains inside. This fur removal trick has proven to be very effective; put your furry clothes in the dryer along with a dryer sheet and run it for about 10 minutes. This process helps to remove and loosen the stubborn fur entangled between the fibres of your clothes. Step two is to simply machine wash them thereafter. If you’re on your way out and find pet hair on your clothes after hugging your furry friend goodbye, it helps to have a lint roller at home. A few quick rolls and you’ll be fur-free to go!

Bring Out the Big Guns (Fur Removing Tools)

Take a trip to the pet store and have a look at some of the really handy fur removing tools available nowadays. If you have a lot of pets or just one that sheds ever so often, consider investing in one of these inexpensive tools. You can find things like sticky rollers, electrostatic brushes or special mitts that are great for picking up pet hair from your furniture, upholstery and clothes. Rubber brooms specially made for cleaning pet hair off your floors and carpets are also available at pet stores. Higher end products would include special pet hair vacuums that are meant to remove loose hairs from your pet, as well as other surfaces and materials.

Remove Pet Hair Straight from the Source

Put the razor away! We’re talking about brushing and grooming your pet. By frequently giving your pet a good brushing down outside, you decrease the chances of having fur shed all over your home by about 80%! You can use a pet brush or a pet vacuum (as mentioned earlier) to remove the loose pet hair just waiting to stick to you or your furniture. It also helps to bathe your pet regularly using a mild pet soap to reduce shedding. Remember to brush them after they’re dry to further decrease the likelihood of having pet hair all over your home.

We’ve got more pet-related tips for you at Simply Maid, along with many helpful cleaning tips and guides for all household-related cleaning. We understand that your family, pets and home are your greatest treasures and therefore, provide cleaning services with their best interests in mind. Thoroughness, convenience and respectfulness are our top priorities; so book a cleaning with us and we’ll let our work speak for itself! For more information and a rundown of our affordable rates, please visit our services and pricing page.

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