A Quick, Nightly Cleaning Routine for a Better Tomorrow!


It’s true; a nightly cleaning routine isn’t for everyone! There are many of you who come home late from the office, while some of you work night shifts. On the other hand, there are large groups of people that are stay-at-home parents, have 9-5 jobs, or work-from-home; basically, individuals that are able to have a proper dinner and go to bed at a reasonable hour every night. Regardless of what your day-to-day schedule is, if you can fit a nightly cleaning routine into it, we highly recommend doing so!

Although most people are turned off by the mere thought of cleaning at the end of the day, it’s important to note down that “cleaning” can be classified into three categories:

      1. Cleaning (with tools and products)
      2. Organising
      3. Tidying

While ‘cleaning’ somehow seems like more of an effort simply because it requires the use of cleaning tools and/or products, organising and tidying up a room can take less than 5 minutes! Just imagine how great it would be to spend as little as 10 or 15 minutes to clean and organise your home every night so that you can wake up to a neat and beautiful house; sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well, that could become your reality with this incredibly simple and quick nightly cleaning routine!

1. Load the Dishwasher after Dinner

It’s frustrating to see dirty dishes in your kitchen sink before you’ve had a chance to drink a cup of coffee or eat some breakfast. Starting your day off in such a negative, low-spirited way is never healthy regardless of what the situation may be; therefore, loading the dishwasher right after dinner is something many experts advise homeowners to do as part of their nightly cleaning routine. It’s also a great idea to make a household rule that teaches everyone to put their own plates and other items into the dishwasher to help keep the number of dirty dishes in the sink to a minimum at the end of the day.

2. Fold Laundry/Put Clothes Away

If you have a large family or young kids, you probably do laundry on a daily or regular basis, and have a fresh load of washed clothes hanging out to dry almost all the time! In this case, you are likely to leave dry items on your drying rack until they need to be replaced with damp ones. Now, at the risk of sounding accusatory,  this is a rather lazy habit that one can easily break during a nightly cleaning routine! In fact, when you think about it, folding laundry neatly doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes while putting them away can be done in a matter of seconds! Similarly, grabbing a couple of clothes that are lying around and putting them in their designated places is a simple and quick task that makes a world of difference to the overall cleanliness and tidiness of your home.

3. Round up Items that Don’t Belong in a Room

During the course of the day, things tend to be left lying around, especially on counters and tabletops. From small items such as keys and cellphone chargers to larger items like laptops and bags; if it doesn’t belong in the room, get it out of there! A nightly cleaning routine that involves putting things back in place means having a much neater living space to wake up to the next day! Moreover, you’ll never have to waste your time searching for something that has been left out of place overnight. A great way to speed up this part of your nightly cleaning routine is by using a basket, or a tote bag, to collect items that don’t belong in the room. Not only will this save you time, but it is also more convenient to put the things you’ve rounded up back in place.

4. Clean Kitchen Surfaces

It’s never a good idea to leave food spills and/or crumbs on your kitchen counters overnight because this attracts roaches, ants, and other creepy crawlies. Moreover, it’s harder to clean up food stains and grime after they’ve had time to sit. Fortunately, a trusty all-purpose cleaner and a clean microfibre cloth are all you need to wipe down kitchen surfaces at night, leaving them dirt-free and gleaming till the very next day! It’s a fairly quick and effortless task, but a very important one, too.

5. Straighten Out the Living Room

It’s impossible to keep your living room neat and tidy throughout the day; this could not be more evident other than when nighttime rolls around. When everyone’s done watching T.V., lazing on the couch, and catching up with one another over a snack and beverage, the living room is generally left in a mess. However, what may seem like a total mess could simply be cleaned up in a matter of minutes. Typically, the cleaning tasks in a living room (at the end of the night) would be to pick up things that don’t belong there, straighten out the cushions, fluff up pillows, tidy up tabletops, and wipe the coffee table. It may sound like a little more than you would have hoped for, but keep in mind that these tasks can be completed in less than 3 minutes!

6. Wipe Down Bathroom Surfaces, Let Cleaners Sit

Lastly, your bathroom can also use a little TLC to complete your nightly cleaning routine. Again, these tasks are quick, little things you can do to keep your bathroom surfaces clean and tidy for the next day. The best way to go about this is to have the cleaning tools and products you need nearby, perhaps, stored under your bathroom sink. Quick access to cleaners allows for a super-fast bathroom cleanup before bed! Cleaning tasks would include a wipe down of the sink and faucet, tidying up counters, wiping the mirror, damp-mopping the floor, and pouring a cleaning solution into your toilet bowl to be quickly brushed and flushed in the morning!

A better and less stressful tomorrow awaits those who choose to do a quick nightly cleaning routine before getting a good night’s rest!

Karen Saunders


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