5 Reasons Why Homeowners Neglect House Cleaning


How do we have enough time to scroll through endless social media posts but never enough time to clean? That’s because when it comes to household chores, we make every possible excuse to avoid it! “I don’t have time”; “it’s not that dirty”; we’re either making excuses or in denial! The truth, however, is that most of us dislike cleaning and fall into habits that keep us from doing it.

The problem here is that a clean and neat home is necessary for a large number of reasons. Living in a dirty or messy home can affect your physical and mental health in more ways than one. So with that in mind, let’s look at five common reasons why homeowners neglect cleaning and how to tackle them.

  1. Procrastination

It’s impossible to avoid it altogether; however, the amount of time you spend in neglecting home cleaning and other responsibilities due to procrastination is what matters. A few minutes here and there is all right; but when you find yourself wasting over ten minutes doing something you know you shouldn’t be, that when you have a problem! The reason why people procrastinate is because it’s the easiest thing to do! In fact, it’s addictive. This is particularly true when you’ve got the internet tempting you to watch funny animal videos or random group chats constantly buzzing. For these reasons, we find that one of the best ways to cut down on the amount of time you spend procrastinating is by turning off your Wi-Fi/data and disconnecting from the virtual world. In this time, you can do plenty of other things (like cleaning your house!)

  1. Ignorance

Perhaps, ignorance is too strong a word but the fact is that we are sometimes ignorant to untidiness and lack of cleanliness within our homes. Many homeowners have gotten so used to living in a dirty, messy house that they overlook cleaning altogether. When you become ignorant of the fact that your home is turning into a ‘less than livable’ place for household members, it generally takes a surprise visitor to make you aware of it! So, to avoid the embarrassment of entertaining a guest in a dirty home, make it a habit to ask yourself if your home is presentable for visitors and,  more importantly, livable for your family!

  1. Delays

Remember all those chores you told yourself you’d finish up later? Well, you probably couldn’t find the time or energy to do them when ‘later’ came around because you had other things to do. Our friends over at Green Bee Maids Tampa Bay says “By delaying cleaning tasks or chores, you allow them to build up/accumulate and become harder to complete.” On the other hand, if you paid immediate attention to them, your house would never have a chance to get dirty and untidy! For example, if you’ve just finished a load of laundry, why not hang it out to dry immediately rather than save it for later? Similarly, if you spill juice on the counter, wipe it up quickly instead of leaving it to dry and get sticky!  

  1. Clutter

Sometimes the lack of motivation to clean is because you (and other household members) tend to clutter up the house, making it harder and more time-consuming to tidy up. If you started putting things away or in their rightful places, a cleaning task such as dusting or sweeping would be far quicker and easier! Furthermore, you and your family need to be mindful of things that are brought into your home and other items that are kept for sentimental value. More often than not, homes are cluttered with things that no one really uses or needs anymore. Therefore, it’s advisable to declutter your home and maintain it by putting things back where they belong!

  1. Laziness

It has to be said; a lot of us avoid cleaning because we’re too lazy to do it! From being a ‘couch potato’, to lying in bed a lot longer than you should be; we all have lazy habits that keep up from doing something productive. So, how do you kick these habits? Well, for one, you could make up a schedule and have alarms go off to ensure that you don’t “conveniently” forget to check off ‘things to do’ for the day! Another great way to steer clear of laziness and get some cleaning done is by tweaking your diet to include more energising foods and supplements. What you consume plays a huge role in your energy levels and can even alter your mindset to act more productively during the day!

So, what are you waiting for? Get those excuses out of the way, kick those habits and start cleaning!

Karen Saunders

Content Manager at Simply Maid
Karen Saunders is a full-time Content Manager at Simply Maid. Her 8+ years of writing experience spans the fields of copywriting, sales copy, blogging, editing and paraphrasing. Some of her areas of expertise include house cleaning, health and fitness, lifestyle topics, home décor and interior designing, travel tips, dog-related articles, and product descriptions and reviews.
Karen Saunders


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