Easy, Effective and Everlasting – Cleaning Habits for the Whole Family!

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The bigger the family, the greater the house cleaning! It’s true; with more people comes more mess’, perhaps?! Don’t get us wrong; big families are awesome! The hearty laughs, the big family gatherings and birthday parties are a blast! But with so many people living under one roof, things can get a little chaotic and disorderly.

The case is relatively similar with small families as well; when there are kids in the picture, the amount of cleaning to be done is always more. With that said, it’s important that everyone pitch in to keep the household clean and organised. But how do you do this when no one is showing any enthusiasm about cleaning time? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how to develop a cleaning habit for you and your family!

1. Schedule it in!

Nowadays, everyone uses the “I don’t have time” excuse to avoid cleaning. So the only way to get everyone cleaning is to create a cleaning schedule. Take your kids’ school hours, study time and extra-curricular activities into consideration and fix a time for them to clean their rooms or help out with other cleaning and tidying around the house. Similarly, do the same for your partner; pick at least one daily chore for him/her to do like popping to the supermarket to restock on eco-cleaning products, the laundry, vacuuming the house, etc. Make a weekend schedule for more intense cleaning when everyone can help out so that the burden is shared.

2. Distribute the Cleaning Equally

No one is going to stick to your schedule or want to clean if they feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick. When it comes to tougher chores for kids like washing bathrooms or doing windows, make sure that each one gets a turn to do them. You could also put two people on the job to speed up the process and ease the workload. When cleaning is made easier and quicker, there is a better chance of it becoming habitual for everyone.

3. “We’re All in This Together!”

Working together is a great way for the whole family to develop a cleaning habit. This is because no one feels like they’re alone in this or that someone else is having fun while they’re doing all the work. Seeing someone else clean also comes as a form of motivation to the other household members. When cleaning together, try to keep things interesting by talking, telling stories, singing or playing the radio. Most kids find cleaning boring so if you keep their minds occupied, they’ll show a little more enthusiasm when doing the work. Of course, you can’t distract them completely or their cleaning efficiency will take a beating. In simple terms, keep the atmosphere light, but get the job done.

4. Incorporate Time-Saving Cleaning Habits in Your Day

Here are a few examples of some really good daily cleaning habits that can save you time if you stick to them:

  • Don’t leave any dirty dishes overnight; especially your coffee mugs and cereal bowls. That way everything is ready for breakfast preparation in the morning.
  • Put in a load of laundry before you start on breakfast so that by the time you finish, the clothes will be ready to hang out to dry.
  • Have each family member pick up after themselves after meals. This means each one clears their own plates, glasses and cutlery off the table and washes them. It saves a lot of time rather than having one person do it all.
  • At the end of the day, get everyone to help straighten out the living room so that it’s clean and tidy the next day. This includes straightening out the cushions, putting things back in place and removing personal belongings from the room like toys, electronics, books, etc.
  • After cooking, get the kids and your partner to clean up the kitchen before all sitting down to eat. You dirty quite a few items while cooking which can quickly pile up in the sink if you wait till after your meal to wash up.

5. Throw in a Consequence if Someone Throws in the Towel

As a parent, you have to set all kinds of rules for your kids, including some pertaining to cleaning. If you really want the whole family to get into the habit of cleaning; set some rules and consequences if the chores are not done properly or on time. We’re not suggesting any harsh punishments, just tiny consequences like less TV time, no computers or something along those lines. The stricter you are about cleaning, the easier it will be to develop a habit for the same.

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