Why Residential Cleaning Services is More Affordable Than You Think

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Most would agree that the key to a happy home is being surrounded by a loving family in a clean and tidy environment. While many of us would ideally love to do the cleaning ourselves, sometimes this realistically just isn’t possible.

If this sounds familiar to you then you may feel that hiring a trusted residential cleaner is the next best option. The question you’re most likely asking is; can I really afford to do so? While this is commonly the general perception, residential cleaning services may actually be more affordable than you may initially think.

In this article we’ll explore some key points about how you can still prosper financially while still be granted the luxury of being able to hire a household cleaner.

  1. Time & Productivity: Make wiser investments with your time

For many working Sydney families, the mother and father are often both employed and working full-time. This causes time constraints and the house is often left neglected as a result.

What if we told you, you could better invest your time earning more money while still being able to hire a residential household cleaner?

By using Learnvest’s time-worth calculator, you’re able to calculate the amount of time you spend cleaning compared to the total amount of money you would earn in a single day. Depending on your lifestyle and family circumstances, you may find that hiring a cleaning company may actually help you save and earn more in the long-term.

Cleaning is time-consuming and we understand that first-hand. If you find yourself being more productive and earning more doing what you love at work, then let the cleaning professionals handle your cleaning – let Simply Maid clean for you.

  1. Tools & Equipment: Free up valuable household space & expenses

Achieving that perfect clean is hard – especially if you have rooms of all sizes and shapes. Different parts of the house require different types of cleaning tools and equipment. A one-storey modern home will at the very minimum require a standard vacuum, brush, bucket, sponge, mop and appropriate cleaning detergents.

It’s fair to say that while household cleaning is critically important, making sure that your cleaning tools are properly looked after and replaced isn’t necessarily at the top the priority list. After all, with kids, a full-time job, the weekly shopping and many more tasks to prioritise, replacing boring cleaning products should be the absolute last thing on your to-do list.

At Simply Maid, we only use the highest standard of cleaning products when cleaning your home. We take pride in our cleaning equipment and always ensure our tools are replaced and cleaned accordingly to achieve the perfect clean with each and every household service.

  1. Attention-to-Detail: Rushing a household clean simply isn’t worth it

Cleaning the house involves taking a great deal of care as to not cause damage to fragile or valuable materials. Hidden and unexpected spots such as behind cabinets and tight corners and can often be hard to reach and clean. Unless you’re a natural cleaning guru, hard to-get-to places may be left uncleaned for long-periods of time, and in some cases may never actually be cleaned at all. (Check out our previous post for some awesome spring cleaning tips).

Improper use of cleaning products may also cause harm to valuable household items such as carpets and upholstery. Damaged valuables may be costly to repair and in the worst case scenario – irreplaceable.

Rushing a clean or cleaning under pressure to save time causes accidents. These accidents happen more than often and is the result of being distracted. This can happen to anyone and under any given circumstance. You could be trying to look after the kids in the background or trying to multi-task on the phone all while trying to fit in the fortnightly clean.

Don’t risk damage to your valuable belongings, let our team of trusted cleaning professionals treat your home with the genuine care it deserves.

  1. VIP Treatment: The first-class cleaning experience

W value our customers and are always looking at ways to give back. One simple way we do this is by treating all our customers as we would like to be treated – like VIPs.

Our team regularly offer cleaning package specials and loyalty awards to returning customers. Everybody likes to feel like a VIP and we’re no exception. Our customers are able to take advantage of loyalty discounts which make hiring our residential cleaning services that much more affordable in the long-term.

Simply call us on 1300 009 363 or email us at hello@simplymaid and enquire about a residential cleaning service for your home today. One of our friendly staff members will speak you with and tell you more. We look forward to taking great care of your home.

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