10 Autumn Cleaning Tips You Need To Know


Autumn is the perfect time of year for cleaning. It’s not too hot or cold, and the air is crisp enough to hang carpets and the like out to dry after cleaning. There are plenty of things to do during a  clean. 

Consider it an opportunity to do some deep cleaning of your house from top to bottom. To do your Autumn clean in an organised way, you will want to create a cleaning checklist, including cleaning and organising every room in your house and ensuring that all the often overlooked places at home are cleaned. And don’t forget the garage.

Here are ten deep cleaning tips, whether you’re doing this for the first time in your home or are a seasoned veteran of a clean house.

1. Clear your downspouts and gutters

In many parts of the country, Autumn means tumbling leaves and (at times) a lot of rain. This could mean that plenty of mud and wet leaves clog the drains for your gutters and downspouts, preventing the downspouts from emptying. 

Under extreme water weight, this can even cause your downspouts to crack and break. So, Autumn is the perfect time to clean those gutters and downspouts to prevent breakages.

2. Take advantage of large rubbish collection

Most towns and cities have a large rubbish collection date for Autumn. This can be the perfect opportunity to get rid of all the large furniture items that you thought, ‘Oh, I’ll need that.’ during the spring cleaning when you had a similar opportunity. 

Take advantage of the fact that you only get so many chances throughout the year to throw out big rubbish. Leave yourself with a clean house that is less full of clutter by doing so. Get rid of that old water heater that’s been collecting garage dust or that couch you never use and want to replace.

3. Make some home improvements

Autumn also provides an opportunity to make some home improvements. It may also be a time for home inspections, so ensure you’re prepared. 

Check and change smoke detector batteries, test your carbon monoxide detector, check all plumbing and electrical functions, and check your furnace filter, among other things. You can replace HVAC filters, clean air vents, and even do some pest control. It’s also an excellent opportunity to change your home decor for something more seasonal.

4. Take advantage of the fresh air

One of the best things about the Autumn season is the fresh, clean air that often accompanies a morning. While the air may be cool, things usually warm up around midday. Take this opportunity to open your windows and air the house out. 

Recycle the stale, humid summer air with cleaner air. After cleaning your carpet, hang it out to dry on a nice day to let the air flow through it and bless it with the smell of the outdoors before it returns to your home.

5. Pay attention to the outside of your home

Autumn is the season of change. There are endless examples of change this time of year, from the leaves to the temperature. Cleaning doesn’t just mean inside; outside needs work, too. Make sure your patio furniture is cleaned and put away in the garage. Cover and put away your barbecue as well. Clean the gutters and wipe down the outside of your window air vents. 

Clean up any power equipment you’ve used in the warmer months, and store them in your work shed. Wash the floor of your deck so it is ready for snow or icy weather — clean light fixtures outside, clean window blinds, and wipe down door frames. The garden is also starting to become ready to pick. Make sure that you pick what needs picking. 

6. Clean your windows

One often overlooked area of your home that’s rarely touched during any attempt to clean and organise is your windows. Autumn seems like a great time to clean your windows thoroughly. You can remove window muck by using cleaning vinegar and a paper towel. 

This is the least invasive of cleaners for your window treatments. Make sure to remove your window screens and give those a hose down. A damp cloth will ensure a nice, clean window and sills in winter preparation.

7. A bathroom deep clean

Another place to focus on is your bathroom, which can be pretty expensive to upgrade. Giving your bathroom a thorough once-over is the perfect deep clean. This means airing your bathmats outdoors and scrubbing and washing your shower. 

Don’t forget to wipe down cabinets as well, inside and out. Don’t forget to clean the toilet bowl, wash the floor, wipe down the tops of cabinets, clean and disinfect shower heads, and gently clean light covers.

8. Don’t forget to vacuum

Vacuuming is essential during any cleaning day and is a key part of a cleaning checklist. Aside from your floors and carpets, even upholstered furniture should be cleaned with a fabric cleaner and vacuumed off. Make sure to vacuum in all the nooks and crannies, like cupboards and closets, that are previously untouched. 

9. Organise clothing

A great thing to do is to go through your clothing and donate that you no longer wear. Plenty of charity organisations will take your unworn clothes off your hands. 

This means purging your summer clothes and preparing your winter wardrobe. So drag out the hats, gloves, and jackets in preparation for the cooler weather that’s fast approaching.

10. Clean the kitchen

A menu change is in order, and it’s the perfect time to do kitchen cleaning. Check the status of your summer veggies, and make sure to use them up if they go off. Then, create a meal plan by monitoring fresh garden produce. 

Whether you’re looking to spice up your home or clean it up before the winter season sets in properly, Autumn is the perfect time to utilise any of the above ultimate cleaning checklists to prepare your home for winter. Give yourself a clean house and an organised home.


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