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10 Tips To Help Save For The Home Of Your Dreams


Owning a home is a significant milestone in life, but achieving that goal demands extensive planning. Saving for a mortgage is often one of the biggest challenges each future homeowner faces. 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average deposit needed to secure a mortgage is $106,643, including other upfront and potential hidden costs.

However, with the right strategies and guidance from an experienced mortgage broker, you can turn your dream of homeownership into a reality. Here are 10 essential tips to help you save for your mortgage:

1. Set Clear Financial Goals

Before hopping onto your homeownership journey, it’s important to establish clear financial goals. Determine how

How To Properly Clean A Swimming Pool


Having a pool in your backyard is awesome for cooling off on those scorching summer days, but keeping that pool water crystal clear and swim-ready? That takes a bit of extra work each week. As the pool owner, you’ve got to be prepared to put in some regular maintenance time.

For starters, you’ll need to remove any leaves, twigs, or other junk from the water using a skimmer net on a long pole. Skim off all that surface debris first. But that’s just the beginning. You’ll also have to brush down the pool walls and vacuum up anything settled on the floor. Making sure the filtering system is running smoothly

What is NDIS Cleaning: Everything You Need to Know


Cleaning is often seen as a feel-good activity. Some even say it gives them a sense of control over their surroundings. But when dust reaches unreachable corners and carpets get too dirty, cleaning can also be a nightmare, so much more for people with disabilities.

Fortunately, NDIS Cleaning Australia supports you or your loved ones in this situation. It’s a cleaning funding option that people with disabilities may choose under the Core Supports of their National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan. 

However, some conditions and requirements must be met in order to qualify. So, read on and find out how NDIS cleaning service works with this NDIS Home Cleaning guide!  

10 Autumn Cleaning Tips You Need To Know


Autumn is the perfect time of year for cleaning. It’s not too hot or cold, and the air is crisp enough to hang carpets and the like out to dry after cleaning. There are plenty of things to do during a  clean. 

Consider it an opportunity to do some deep cleaning of your house from top to bottom. To do your Autumn clean in an organised way, you will want to create a cleaning checklist, including cleaning and organising every room in your house and ensuring that all the often overlooked places at home are cleaned. And don’t forget the garage.

Here are ten deep cleaning tips, whether you’re doing

How To Deep Clean An Apartment? [In 13 Steps]


Apartment life is increasingly popular. But just because an apartment is smaller than a house, you can’t get away with half-heartedly cleaning it. There are plenty of deep cleaning steps to make your apartment feel roomier.

Getting rid of dust and dirt will add sparkle to your apartment. Read on for expert advice on deep cleaning.

A top-to-bottom approach 

Cleaning an apartment may initially seem tedious, but the rewarding results make it well worth the effort. In smaller homes, dedicating time to brightening the space creates a more spacious ambience. And if needed, consider renting out an off-site storage facility for your excess furniture and belongings.

Whether deep cleaning an

14 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips To Spruce Up Your Home


It’s that time again. As the sun breaks through the cold winter weather, dust mites become more visible, and you know it’s the perfect time for home improvement with a deep clean. So you don’t get demotivated halfway through, we’ve put together the ultimate spring cleaning checklists.

1. Eliminate clutter

Firstly, you need to clear the clutter. We need to realise how much stuff we accumulate throughout the year. If you’re looking for expert decluttering tips, you’ve come to the right place. Create a systematic approach to decluttering and cleaning your house. Work out what needs to go in the bin, what you can give away, items you

Teenage Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Teenagers’ bedrooms are often scary places for many parents, the place we dare not go. However, even though you hate it, your teenager’s bedroom still needs to be cleaned from time to time, and sometimes, you have to put up with the B.O., dirt, grime, and general lack of hygiene often present in a teenager’s bedroom. Oh, and the laundry is all over the floor. It is time for a deep clean.

No matter the state of your teenager’s room, chances are they’ll be too busy to clean up after themselves, leaving you with little choice but to do it for them. With that in mind, here is the ultimate

Methods to Remove Soap Scum from Different Bathroom Surfaces


There is no such thing as being careful enough not to get soap scum everywhere in the bathroom; it’s inevitable. Of course, most of you are aware of this from already finding the residue on various bathroom surfaces, even if you have cleaned the space just a few days prior. It should also be noted that getting rid of soap scum is not as simple as washing or scrubbing it away with just any cleaning product or tool. Depending on the surface in question, it will require a cleaning method that effectively breaks down the grimy film so that it can be properly scrubbed away thereafter.

So, if you haven’t

Is Hard Water Affecting Your Home & Health?

You often hear the words ‘hard water’ being thrown around when discussing the water supply in households; however, it is such a common form of water that very few bother to acknowledge the ill effects that come with it. In fact, many homeowners aren’t aware of the negative impact it has on one’s home and health until they see some common signs of hard water around the house. 

What is Hard Water?

When there are minerals present in water, it is considered ‘hard’. Calcium and magnesium are the two common minerals found in hard water which are picked up from rocks and soil when the water travels to the treatment

How to Clean 6 Essential Baking Tools

Whether it’s a hobby, a passion, or a job; baking is a wonderful thing, and the results, often fruitful! Of course, with freshly baked goods comes the messy aftermath! Apart from a kitchen that needs thorough cleaning thanks to the batter spills, flour sprinkled around the counter, and crumbs everywhere, you have to deal with dirty, greasy baking tools with caked-on (and sometimes burnt-on) gunk. 

No, it’s not always easy to clean these different baking essentials, however, thorough cleaning is incredibly important for sanitary reasons, as well as keeping the tools in good condition. While some baking items require a simple, straightforward cleaning process, other essentials are a bit more