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Methods to Remove Soap Scum from Different Bathroom Surfaces


There is no such thing as being careful enough not to get soap scum everywhere in the bathroom; it’s inevitable. Of course, most of you are aware of this from already finding the residue on various bathroom surfaces, even if you have cleaned the space just a few days prior. It should also be noted that getting rid of soap scum is not as simple as washing or scrubbing it away with just any cleaning product or tool. Depending on the surface in question, it will require a cleaning method that effectively breaks down the grimy film so that it can be properly scrubbed away thereafter.

So, if you haven’t

Is Hard Water Affecting Your Home & Health?

You often hear the words ‘hard water’ being thrown around when discussing the water supply in households; however, it is such a common form of water that very few bother to acknowledge the ill effects that come with it. In fact, many homeowners aren’t aware of the negative impact it has on one’s home and health until they see some common signs of hard water around the house. 

What is Hard Water?

When there are minerals present in water, it is considered ‘hard’. Calcium and magnesium are the two common minerals found in hard water which are picked up from rocks and soil when the water travels to the treatment

How to Clean 6 Essential Baking Tools

Whether it’s a hobby, a passion, or a job; baking is a wonderful thing, and the results, often fruitful! Of course, with freshly baked goods comes the messy aftermath! Apart from a kitchen that needs thorough cleaning thanks to the batter spills, flour sprinkled around the counter, and crumbs everywhere, you have to deal with dirty, greasy baking tools with caked-on (and sometimes burnt-on) gunk. 

No, it’s not always easy to clean these different baking essentials, however, thorough cleaning is incredibly important for sanitary reasons, as well as keeping the tools in good condition. While some baking items require a simple, straightforward cleaning process, other essentials are a bit more

Pros & Cons of Hardwood Flooring: Should You Invest in Wooden Floors?

When you think about hardwood floors, all the pros come rushing to mind! They are easily one of the most beautiful types of flooring that offer a ton of perks when used in homes and offices. Moreover, no flooring type exudes the kind of warmth, richness, and sense of homeliness like that of a gorgeous wooden floor does. So, who wouldn’t want to invest in them?

Well, much like other flooring options, there are pros and cons to choosing hardwood floors for a home or commercial space. In order to make an informed decision, one must be privy to this crucial information that Simply Maid is sharing with you today!

Get Ahead of Spring Cleaning 2021 With Our Comprehensive, Room-by-Room Checklists

Before you know it, it’s going to be springtime, and that means making the most of the gorgeous weather before the wet season begins. Of course, it’s not all fun and games because with springtime comes the often dreaded, yet much-needed, spring cleaning!

If you’re wondering why the task of spring cleaning is generally disliked, perhaps it’s because it seems like there’s so much to do in so little time (which is often the case). This is why getting ahead of your spring cleaning and planning it out helps a great deal. Unfortunately, many owners end up skipping spring cleaning because they don’t know how to organise it efficiently. Well,

How to Clean Makeup Brushes & Blenders Without Special Tools & Products

The evolution of makeup has not only seen a significant increase in the types of cosmetic products used on a daily basis, but also the number of tools associated with makeup application. We’re referring to the brushes and sponges/blenders that help perfect one’s makeup, of course! 

Gone are the days when all we had in our makeup kits were a blush brush, an eyeshadow brush, and a powder puff! With the evolution of makeup, more and more cosmetic brands are creating innovative makeup tools to help users achieve any kind of look whether it’s a simple day look, full-on glam, editorial makeup, or artistic makeup. These different types of brushes

A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning a Crib Mattress and Baby Bedding

Soon-to-be parents spend a lot of time learning everything they need to know about preparing for a baby, and taking care of one as they get older. All the books, classes, videos, online research, and questions asked (and answered) definitely help new mothers and fathers to be better prepared for the early stages of parenthood; however, there are some related responsibilities that come with taking care of a baby and yet, you rarely find them in a book. We’re talking about cleaning your baby’s crib mattress and bedding on a regular basis.

While there may be a lot of parents out there who have already undertaken this responsibility, there are

Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pests in Your House

Pests are not only annoying to have in your home but they can be pretty destructive too. They attack your food, leave droppings everywhere, hide in your cabinets and closets, startle you when they run/jump/fly at you, and create a real nuisance in general. So, if you’re living with pests, or in fear of them, it’s time to get them out! How? Well, Simply Maid is here to share some natural home remedies to get rid of those pesky pests!

So, before you call pest control, why not do a little pest control yourself? Take a look at these common household pests and some of the most effective natural remedies

Pet Hair Problems: Tips to Clean & Reduce Pet Hair in Your Home

While cats and dogs are very different, they share one thing in common – fur! And just like humans who lose up to 100 strands of hair every day, pets shed some of their fur too. Although both cats and dogs typically have 1-2 major shedding cycles per year, they will still lose some hair on a daily basis. This is why you find pet hair all over the house a day after you’ve cleaned it!

Speaking of which, have you ever wondered whether your methods for cleaning up pet hair are efficient enough? Perhaps you’re spending a lot more time than you would like on removing pet hair

House Cleaning in 2021: How it Started… How it’s Going (Tips to Stay on Track)

As we near the second half of 2021, it’s a good time to track the progress you’ve made since the beginning of the year. Have you been able to stick to those cleaning resolutions? Did you slip up along the way? Is your home nowhere near the level of cleanliness you vowed to maintain at the end of 2020? Well, if you haven’t lived up to your expectations, you’re probably not the only one.

For many homeowners, ‘how it started and how it’s going’ seems to have developed into a pattern of ‘one step forward and two steps back’ (where cleaning is concerned, that is). Realistically speaking, it’s tough