Chores for Kids – A Little Fun Goes a Long Way in Cleaning!

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Our bundles of joys are finally at an appropriate age (4 and above) to help around the house! Which comes as a relief for many parents since some of the burden can be shared. Of course, there are always different chores for different age groups; for example, you can’t have your 4 year old lugging a large trash bag out to the curb when all they’re meant to do at that age is put away their and assist in making their beds. Leave the trash for the 7 or 8 year olds to take out.

Chores for kids are not just meant to lessen the burden on parents, but to instill valuable, lifelong lessons about household responsibilities. As much as we disliked doing chores when we were kids, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all thankful for those teachings from our parents that helped prepare us to maintain a clean home of our own. But when you think back, is there anything you wished your parents did to make cleaning a little more fun? Well, here are some ideas you can incorporate to make chores more fun for your kids, as well as a bunch of easy tasks you can have them do to maintain a tidy home.

Put on Some Music to Get Them Shaking and Cleaning!

Kids love music. With some of their favourite tunes to set the mood, cleaning time will instantly be a happier time! This is a great time to do more active chores around the house like dusting, mopping, putting away toys, etc. Anything that keeps them on their feet and let’s them shake a little while they’re at it! Make sure you come around from time to time to supervise and maybe join in the groovy action to get some chuckles out of them.

Give them Outdoor Chores

In the cool of the evening sun (or on a cloudy day), have your kids help with a some yard chores such as raking leaves, watering plants and other gardening activities. These are simple chores for kids to do (with adult supervision, of course). Bathing the family pet is also a good chore to have the kids take care of. They love spending time with their furry friends and will enjoy the splashing around too! But in all that fun, make sure they get the job done by giving them step by step guidance. Related chores like pet proofing your home, feeding pets, taking them out and cleaning up after them are all great ways of teaching kids the responsibilities that come with having a pet.

Some Easy but Dull Tasks made Fun for Kids!

Making beds, folding laundry, setting and clearing the table, tidying up rooms, etc. can all be a drag for kids; BUT, not if you make it a competition. Kids love competing with each other (or even with their parents) so when you tell them you’re going to check who does it better, that’s when they feel more motivated to do it and it becomes fun (because winning is always fun, isn’t it?!). It also helps to keep a weekly scorecard and reward for who cleans the best. Rewards can be in the form of their favourite desserts, extra TV or play time, a new toy (nothing too fancy that will make the others feel bad), etc. If they’re competing with you, it’s important that you let them win more often than not. Here are some more chores for kids that you can turn into a mini competition at home:

  • Wiping furniture
  • Cleaning table spills
  • Sweeping and mopping rooms
  • Folding and neatly putting away linen in their respective places
  • Putting away groceries where they belong
  • Cleaning the pet’s food and water bowls
  • Washing and putting away dishes (for older kids like pre-teens)
  • Cleaning veggies (with supervision)
  • Washing their bikes
  • Cleaning bathrooms (for pre-teens)
  • Washing windows

If you can think of more chores to make a competition out of, put them on the list!

Make a Weekly Chores Schedule

To distribute the chores evenly and not put too much pressure on your kids, make a weekly cleaning schedule to ensure that they don’t have difficult chores back to back. Chores like washing windows, bathrooms and their bikes can be done once a week, while dusting, sweeping and mopping can be done every two days per child. Encourage them to look at their duties for the day on the schedule and carry them out without you having to prompt them every day when cleaning time comes around.

If you’re happy with this advice, we’ve got many more household cleaning tips and guides at Simply Maid to make your life a little more convenient, and your home a lot cleaner! You can also hire a professional cleaning with us via a simple online booking or call. We understand the difficulties of having kids and maintaining a spick and span home so allow us to take care of all your cleaning needs. Check out our services page for more information on the cleaning solutions we offer, as well as our charges.

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