Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Vacuum Cleaner!


Vacuum cleaners are certainly one of the most valuable aids in home cleaning. If you take a walk around the house, you’ll find several instances where you think “I need to vacuum that up”! What’s more, with advancements in technology, today, vacuum cleaners are built for more than just floor cleaning. Having said this, it’s important to know how to use the appliance to the best of its ability! Misusing attachments and incorrect vacuuming techniques may be the reasons why you aren’t achieving satisfactory results. To know how to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner, check out these useful tips!

1. Go Over an Area Multiple Times

Don’t assume that a high level of suction power is enough to clean an area in one go. The best way to go about vacuuming is to start from one corner of the room and work your way horizontally across. This way you ensure that all areas are covered while being able to go over the same spots for a thorough, efficient clean!

2. Manoeuvre Head in Different Angles

In order to achieve the most efficient results when vacuuming, you need to do more than just go over areas multiple times. Particularly when vacuuming carpets to remove pet hair, the angles also matter because certain dirt particles or debris get picked up more easily when the vacuum head is manoeuvred in a particular direction. Do this the next time you vacuum and notice how much cleaner the floors are!

3. Empty the Bag; Replace if Necessary

While this is a rather obvious vacuuming tip, many overlook it. Sometimes, a half full bag/canister can hinder the performance or effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner. This leads to spending more time and effort in vacuuming a surface that yields nothing more than average results. Similarly, you should know when your bag needs replacing by checking for holes or wear and tear. If your dust bag is old and looks worn out, it’s advisable to purchase a replacement.

4. Use Attachments Correctly

It’s important to learn about the different attachment heads that come with your vacuum cleaner. These little bonus cleaning aids can make your overall cleaning experience easier and much more efficient. From cleaning upholstery to removing dust or dirt from hard to reach places, vacuum attachments are blessings when used correctly! Read the user manual or consult with a representative of the brand you have purchased to learn everything you need to know about these attachments and how to use them appropriately.

5. Handle With Care!

Remember, your vacuum cleaner may look like a tough, sturdy appliance but it requires to be handled with care! Avoid yanking on the wire or the hose pipe too hard as this may cause internal damage. If the unit doesn’t move with a gentle pull, lift it up and wheel it to where you need it. Similarly, the wire should not be pulled out too quickly as you may end up tugging on the internal wires as it reaches its full, removable length.

6. Avoid Vacuuming Large Debris

You may be tempted to vacuum up an area which has some larger than usual debris but this is highly advised against. Large pieces or objects can get stick in the nozzle of your vacuum and damage the motor. We suggest picking or sweeping up areas with debris that can cause damage and vacuuming the leftover residue thereafter.

7. Move or Lift Furniture From Time to Time

If you really want to vacuum efficiently, you have to move furniture around now and then. You may have noticed dust collecting around the legs of your tables and chairs which only spread outward when you attempt to vacuum around them without moving the furniture pieces. This adds to your work and prolongs your vacuuming time. The simple and effective solution here is to move your furniture occasionally and vacuum up those dust rings before they get too comfortable there!

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