BBQ Cleaning Guide – Keep Your Grill Clean and Your Barbeque Mean!

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Barbeques are great! Everyone gets together, each one does their bit and best of all, the food is awesome! It makes for a fun social gathering with good food and good company. But it’s all fun and games until post-barbeque strikes; that’s rights, that messy grill that gave you all that sumptuous BBQ now has to be cleaned. If you’re anything like me, you’d realise that cleaning and maintaining your BBQ comes at a small price if it means prolonging its life and giving you more great barbeque nights in Sydney for years to come.

It’s really not that hard to get your grill clean and looking new again; you just need proper direction and the knowhow to clean it efficiently. Well, look no further because we’re going to help you do just that! Here’s our simple and effective guide on how to clean your BBQ.

Step 1: Fire Up the Grill!

Yes, the first thing you need to do is put your BBQ grill back on the heat. The temperature should be really high and the lid should be firmly in place to trap the heat inside. 20 minutes of this and any food bits and grease on the grill will be carbonised and come right off with minimum scrubbing for the cleaning stage.

Step 2: Cool Off While Your BBQ Does the Same

Obviously you can’t start cleaning until your BBQ is cool to touch (don’t risk barbequing your fingers), so in the meantime you can kick back and relax, or start gathering the cleaning tools and solutions required for the remaining steps. Here’s what you’ll need, including some alternatives:

  • abrasive scrubber/wired brush
  • Liquid soap/barbeque cleaning solution
  • Bucket of water (warm)
  • rubber gloves
  • kitchen towels or rags
  • vinegar (if needed)
  • baking soda (if needed)
  • olive oil (optional)

Once your grills and under tray have cooled down, you have two options; either soak them in a warm, soapy solution to further decrease the scrubbing time, or get started on the cleaning stage right away.

Step 3: Make Your BBQ Shiny and New Again!

Whether your grill and tray has had soaking time or not, the cleaning process is the same. Make a sudsy solution of liquid soap and warm water in a bucket; if you’re using a specially formulated BBQ cleaner, follow the instructions provided on the bottle. Using the scrubber or wired brush, dip it into your chosen cleaning solution and clean your grills thoroughly to remove burnt food bits and grime. If the brush is too big to reach into corners, consider using an old toothbrush. Proceed to clean the tray the same way (just the scrubber will work too). We suggest you wear gloves when cleaning as this can be a pretty icky job.

Don’t neglect other components of your BBQ; food spills and grease can be found on the lid and stand as well, and will form bacteria if left there. Rinse out your scrubber and brush and start cleaning along the sides and inner parts of your BBQ stand. The underside of the lid may be blackened from all the smoke and heat; if plain water and liquid soap doesn’t seem to lighten it up, try scrubbing it a pasty solution of baking soda and water. For stubborn stains, use plain vinegar on the area; it should come right off.

Step 4: Dry em Off and Show em Off!

It’s best to wipe your entire BBQ kit dry using kitchen towels or rags, as opposed to letting it air dry; this is because prolonged exposure to water can be damaging to BBQ grills (depending on what metal it’s made of). When your BBQ is bone dry, store it away properly to avoid corroding of the metal.

BBQ Cleaning and Maintenance Tips:

  1. Always read and follow instructions from your BBQ manual to ensure that you are using the right cleaning tools and solutions.
  2. Rub some olive oil over your BBQ (when dry) using a sponge or kitchen rag; this will give the entire grill a shinier appearance while serving as a preventative for rusting.
  3. For more efficient and easier cleaning, leave the grill and tray soaking overnight, rather than left on the stand for food bits to stick and harden.
  4. (For a gas BBQ) remove the gas burners regularly to clean any food debris that may be clogging them. This can be done with the use of a pin or thin wire.

For a cleaner and long-lasting barbeque kit, put our cleaning guide and tips into action! Find out more innovative and simple cleaning methods for other household cleaning solutions by checking out our blog. Simply Maid is here to show you how to clean efficiently, or simply do the cleaning for you! Have a look at our services and pricing page for more information on the professional cleaning services we offer and contact us today!

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