Six Simple Rules for a Clean and Tidy Apartment Space


The simplest of things can aid in keeping the cleanest of apartment spaces. In other words, if you follow a few, easy rules, you will never have to worry about spending more time than you can spare in cleaning up a very untidy and dirty house. These are tips and tricks that teach you how to discipline and motivate yourself to spend a little time each day in maintaining a clean and tidy apartment. 

One of the most common reasons for allowing clutter to accumulate and household cleaning to get ahead of you is lack of time which, in many situations, is justified. It always seems like there’s so much to do and not enough time to do it. This, of course, only becomes a reality when you overlook small, daily cleaning tasks, or don’t spare a minute of your day to tidy up a room. The truth is, we can all be a little more diligent when it comes to keeping our home clean and tidy; it’s just a matter of knowing how to do it in the most timely and efficient way.

To achieve this, you will need to discipline yourself to follow these six, simple rules that ensure you keep a clean and tidy apartment every day! Read on.

1. Start in the Morning

When you start your day off on a positive note, it can have a major impact on the way the rest of it unfolds. You feel motivated to stay on track and get more done because even the littlest of accomplishments pushes you to do more. Most of all, when you realise how much you can get done just by spending between 1 and 5 minutes of your morning cleaning or tidying up, you will surely want to stick to a daily routine!

It’s all about doing simple things that make big differences to the overall appearance of a room. For example, if the first thing you do is to make your bed when you wake up in the morning, the bedroom will instantly appear neater. Take this one step further to round up clothes that may be lying around you will see just how much of a difference it makes to your bedroom space. 

2. Avoid Cluttering Your Space

More often than not, clutter is the primary reason why your house looks untidy and remains dirty. This is because clutter creates untidiness which, in turn, makes it harder to clean with so many things getting in the way. Unfortunately, every apartment is prone to clutter because there are a number of things brought into the house every now and then while other items are left out of place after being used. 

Although it is a huge problem in many households, cutting clutter in your home is a lot easier than most people think. To get rid of clutter and keep it at bay, there are simple measures one can take to do away with things and/or practices that are causing it. First of all, you need to look around and understand the source of clutter in your home; it’s usually created by things left out of place, and/or items that you don’t need or use anymore which add to the untidiness. When you make that decision to truly declutter your home and live by the mantra ‘less is more’, you realise just how easy it is to keep your home tidy!

3. Act Fast

The rule of responding to a cleaning task or tidying up immediately as opposed to saving it for later will make a world of difference to the cleanliness and neatness of your apartment. Not only do things that get pushed till later end up being overlooked, but it also encourages lazy habits or the practice of making excuses to avoid sparing a minute or two to get something done. 

Moreover, many tasks are easier to deal with when you do it right away. For example, crumbs on your kitchen counter can easily get spread around or brushed onto the floor if left sitting there for too long; this adds to your work which otherwise would simply require a couple of seconds to clean up. Similarly, when you accumulate tasks for later, the chances of getting them all done are slim because collectively, they would require more time and effort to complete. By following the ‘act fast’ rule and doing away with the “I’ll do it later” attitude, you will be maintaining a clean and tidy apartment without feeling like you’re doing much work!

4. Stock Up on Ready-to-Use Cleaning Tools/Products

When you need to wipe up a spill that requires more than just paper towels and water, it certainly helps to have the right cleaning tools and products that you can grab and use right away. From homemade, ready-to-use cleaners stored in spray bottles to a stock of unpackaged scrubbers and microfibres cloths; make sure that you have everything you need to clean efficiently and quickly.

Often times, there are certain types of cleaning tasks that are neglected or put off for another time simply because the right tools and products are not at hand. To avoid this and ensure that you can ‘act fast’, keep re-stocking your cleaning supplies’ cabinet.

5. Organise Every Day

Not a day goes by when something in your house does not need organising. Whether it’s the magazines on your coffee table or the clean laundry hanging out to dry; every home requires daily organising to keep things in place for a neat and tidy apartment. Again, you may find it overwhelming and time-consuming to do such tasks on a daily basis; however, if you break them up and do each one over the course of the day, it doesn’t feel like such a heavy load of work.

There are plenty of ways to manage your time in a way that allows you leisure and relaxation while also leaving you with enough time throughout the day to organise items that are creating clutter or simply look untidy. Remember, the more often you do this, the less you will have to do later because you aren’t giving them a chance to pile up.

6. Clean at Least 3-4 Times a Week

There’s no better way to keep your home looking its best other than cleaning it daily. Of course, we understand that not everyone has time to vacuum/sweep, dust furniture, and mop the floor every day; therefore, it’s advisable to work out a schedule that allows you to clean at least 3-4 times a week. Believe it or not, without any distractions and having all the tools and products you need at hand, you can get a lot of cleaning done in as little as 10 minutes.

The great thing about a personalised cleaning schedule is that you get to choose what works for you. For example, if you can’t dust the furniture and clean the bathroom on the same day, choose to do one of the two tasks instead. Where floors are concerned, however, it is advisable to vacuum and mop on the same day as mopping without removing dirt and dust from the floor first will only make it appear dirtier. If your schedule permits, consider cleaning one room per day or different rooms in your house every alternate day. 

In conclusion, each rule requires a certain amount of self-discipline in order to follow them and, more importantly, must be used in combination to achieve your goal of keeping a clean and tidy apartment.

Karen Saunders


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