A Quick, Effective Tip for All Your Home Dusting!


If you take a moment to consider all the household chores you need to do, you’ll find that dusting is the most recurring one. Dust gets everywhere; from your furniture and wall fixtures, to your ceilings and floors. Therefore, you need ways to make household dusting simpler and more effective in keeping the accumulation of dust to a minimum. With these home dusting tips, your chances of doing that have never been higher! Take a look.

1. Microfibre Cloths Trump All Dusting Rags!

The reason why microfibre clothes make the best dusters is because they are electrostatically charged. Dust is attracted to the fibres and clings to the cloth; therefore, you won’t be going over and over the same area, nor will you have to worry about transferring dust on to other surfaces because of its high absorbency. It’s the best option for wiping furniture, as well as curios and wall-mounted fixtures like lamps and picture frames.

2. Gloves On, Dust Off

Cleaning gloves are perhaps the greatest dusting tool out there! They make dusting a breeze, especially if you’ve got a lot of curios on your shelves. If you don’t have specially made microfibre dusting gloves, you can use fabric gloves or old oven mitts as alternatives. To pick up more dust, however, wet them and squeeze out the excess water before you start dusting. If they get too dirty in between, rinse them out thoroughly so that you don’t end up smearing dust around.

3. Cleaning Ceiling Corners and Door Frames

Of course, you can use a long-handled broom for this, but it’s not always convenient or effective in removing dust from nooks and crannies. Try this; pull an old sock over the top end of your mop or long-handled broom and use a rubber band around to hold the sock in place. Keep a bit of the sock loose at the top so that the material gets pushed into corner easily to pick up dust. This works particularly well for dusting door frames, window frames and cleaning cobwebs.

4. Keep Your Screens Dust-Free for Days!

Computer and television screens are dust-magnets thanks to their electro charge. When you wipe them with a regular dust rag, you’ll notice dust resettling on the screens almost instantly. So how do you keep your screens from attracting dust? Grab a used dryer sheet (after it’s dried up) and gently wipe the screen from side to side. These fabric softener sheets are made to reduce static electricity and therefore, help your screens to repel dust for a good amount of days.

5. When Cleaning Blinds, Sock it to Em!

It generally takes a while to clean all the window blinds in your home because each slat collects dust. What you need is a way to give each slat a quick wipe down that doesn’t require redoing. Here’s what you do; take an old sock, spray on a little dusting spray (or just dampen the sock with water) and simply slide across the slats starting from the top. Try to get into a rhythm by going from left to right on one slat, then quickly moving down to the next one, wiping from right to left. It’s a great cleaning shortcut because you needn’t worry about the sock slipping out of your hand like a dust rag might when you try to move on to another slat.

6. Get the Shine Back in Your Glass

If you have a lot of glass surfaces, fixtures and ornaments in your house, chances are that dust has been dulling their shine. It’s time to put the gloves back on, but this time, water won’t do. Soak your fabric gloves in window cleaner and wring them properly. Now you can start wiping your glass curios, tables, showcase or cabinet windows, and other glass fixtures to reveal their shine by wiping off dust and stains. If you find that the dust is getting dragged around, keep one glove dry to wipe, and the other to shine with window cleaner.

7. Don’t Leave Out the Nooks and Crannies

Hard-to-reach places are often avoided when dusting because they are simply hard to reach! But it is these nooks and crannies in particular that gather enough dust to make mini dust bunnies all around your home. Use an old toothbrush, or better yet, a hard-bristled paintbrush to dust between narrow spaces, corners and other intricate areas.

Dusting doesn’t have to take up all your chore time if you choose to implement these cleaning tips. What’s more, dusting won’t take any of your time if you choose to hire a cleaning with us! At Simply Maid, we use all kinds of cleaning tips and guides to make the whole process, quick, effective and convenient. We offer various household cleaning services at great rates! Please visit our services and pricing page for more information.

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