7 Updates for a Better Organised Bedroom


Who doesn’t want their bedroom to be more organised? That’s right, nobody! Now the next question is – ‘how can you organise your bedroom better than it currently is?’ Well, there are a lot of creative ways to do this, and the results are guaranteed to make your bedroom neater and tidier than ever!

With these bedroom organising ideas, you will see that it only takes a few simple updates to make big changes to a disorganised space. So, if you want to keep your bedroom organised, you’ve got to organise it right! Simply Maid is here to help you do that with our seven best updates for a better organised bedroom! Read on.

1. Add a Pocket Organiser to Your Bed

Bedside tables or nightstands are often cluttered with things like your cell phone, your charger, remotes, books/magazines, and other random items. While you could organise these things in your side table drawer to keep the clutter out of sight and out of the way, for the purpose of convenience, a bedside pocket organiser is something you should definitely consider.

Pocket organisers are available in various sizes, styles, materials, and designs; therefore, making it easy to incorporate a piece that matches/complements your bed linen and room décor. If needed, you can add pocket organisers to either side of the bed so that your nightstand never gets crowded and cluttered.

2. Get a Bedroom Bench with Storage

Also known as ‘ottomans’, bedroom benches placed at the foot of the bed are great for keeping throw pillows, night robes, and extra covers like a duvet. Even better, they can be used as additional storage for just about anything that doesn’t have a designated space; this includes books, linen, shoes, scarves, and more.

If the bench can’t be placed at the foot of the bed because of the bedroom layout or interior design, consider using it in an alcove to make a cozy seating area, or by the window. Again, ottomans come in different sizes, materials, and styles so you can really have some fun when choosing the right one to incorporate into your bedroom design.

3. Use Storage Drawers Under Your Bed

Whether you are utilising the space under your bed or not, adding pull-out drawers will certainly help you keep things organised. When you’re in the market for one or two of these storage units, look for closed drawers that open from the top as open drawers tend to collect dust while under your bed. Closed box drawers will only need a wipe down from time to time while the contents inside will be protected from dust bunnies and dirt.

If you’re wondering what you can put inside your underbed drawers, they are great for storing seasonal clothing which often takes up too much closet space. In bedrooms where there is a shoe rack somewhere on the floor, you can free up that space by storing your footwear in a drawer under your bed instead!

4. Put Up Corner Shelves

The more wall space you free up, the more open and spacious your bedroom will look. This is exactly what corner shelves offer over traditional open wall shelving. There are a lot of creative ways to incorporate corner shelves into a bedroom; of course, the purpose of putting up a shelf – i.e. for decoration or functionality – will determine the size, and best placement for it.

Similarly, corner wall cabinets are space-saving alternatives to traditional dressers and tables, and they are perfect for small bedrooms! These units are less bulky than square or rectangular cabinets and yet, offer ample storage space. You can also opt for wall-mounted open cabinets in place of shelving to maximise storage without taking up much wall space.

5. Go Bigger and Taller With Your Nightstand

You always see nightstands or bedside tables that are shorter or the same height as the side plank of the bed, or headboard, not taller. That’s because, aesthetically, a small, stumpy nightstand creates a uniform appearance around the bed. The misconception, however, is that a bedside table that is taller than the bed looks ugly or out of place.

The truth is, unless the type and style of the nightstand is clashing with your bed and other furniture in the bedroom, there’s no reason why a tall nightstand can’t be chosen. In fact, a nightstand that is twice the height of the bed with multiple shelves can really dress up the room when used to showcase decorative items. The lower shelves can be used to accommodate your nighttime essentials while the top shelves display ornamental pieces. 

6. Make Your Closet Ergonomically Correct

You’d be surprised by how impractical traditional closet designs really are. It seems convenient with some of your clothes hanging at eye level while the top and bottom shelves need minimum stretching and bending to access; however, when the hanging rod is fixed in the top half of the closet, it limits your shelf space below.

Apart from minimising closet space, it’s an obvious observation that folded clothes are more difficult to look through at a higher or lower level as compared to clothes on hangers. Therefore, to design a more ergonomically correct closet that maximises space, install a low-hanging rod with shelves above. With this closet update, you will be able to organise your closet much more efficiently.

7. Display Jewellery on a Wall-Hanging Organiser

You may not realise it at first but as your jewellery collection grows, it starts to occupy a lot of space and, more importantly, becomes harder to organise without everything getting entangled to form one big clump of jewellery! To solve these problems, a wall-hanging jewellery organiser is just the thing you need.

Along with keeping a diverse collection of jewellery neatly organised, the pieces can be arranged in a clever way to create a visually appealing display on your wall. Depending on the size of your collection, you can purchase a single-piece wall-hanging organiser or a set of organisers that come in different sizes. 

Just like that, simple updates to your bedroom can help you organise the entire room better than before! So, consider these bedroom organising ideas from Simply Maid and you’ll never have to worry about disorder creeping in and taking over ever again!

Karen Saunders


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