On Your Mark, Get Set, Get Organised! – Tips for Organising Kids Toys

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Kids know as much about organising as they do about tax reductions and rocket science! If you want your kids to keep their toys and belongings clean and organised, you’re going to have to simplify things. This means doing a little organising on your part before teaching the kids to do the same.

What you need is a clear idea of how to make cleaning and organising toys a little easier for your kids, and maybe a little fun too! To create an organise-friendly environment for kids, keep a few key points in mind; this includes your child’s age, height and types and quantity of toys. We’ve put together these organisation and cleaning tips that are sure to help you and your kids keep their toys and belongings clean and in an orderly manner.

1. More Storage Leaves No Room for Mess

First of all, you need to make sure there is adequate storage space in your kids’ rooms to keep toys and personal items where they belong. To maximise storage, start by decluttering your child’s closet, drawers and other storage units in the room. Clothes that they’ve outgrown, toys that they’ve outplayed and books you’re sure they won’t read again should be given away or stored in the attic or basement (for sentimental reasons or future siblings). Similarly, the least frequently used items like seasonal clothing and toys or board games that they are too young to play with, should be stored on the topmost shelves or right at the back of the closet. When you give your kids more storage space, they have no excuse to leave things lying around.

2. Designated Storage Boxes and Baskets

You can’t have one storage box for all your kid’s toys. It’ll never be kept in an orderly manner and probably start to overflow as new toys are bought or gifted to them. Invest in kids storage boxes or a chest of drawers that will separate stuffed animals from plastic toys, and action figures and Barbie dolls from wooden blocks and the likes. They don’t have to be big units that take up a lot of floor space, just something medium-sized that will hold the majority of your child’s toys.

3. Labels Were Made to Organise!

Here’s a fun and surefire way to get your kids organised; labels! Print age-appropriate labels to stick on shelves, drawers, baskets and other storage units to help kids better understand where to put things. For example, a clipart sock label for their sock drawer; or a label that says dolls in capital letters for the doll box. This can be a fun activity for kids because it’s almost like a game to match the toys to the labels. It may take a bit of teaching (depending on your child’s age), but eventually you’ll come to find that labels make great assistants for organised parents!

4. “What Happens When You Don’t Put Your Toys Away”

This is how you start off the conversation when teaching your kids the importance of keeping their toys and belongings organised. Explain that keeping toys out of place makes it harder to find and easier to lose them. Kids are very attached to their toys and the thought of losing any, really scares them. Apart from that, they need rules and have to be taught to play by them. Teach them that keeping things organised accounts for good behaviour, and good behaviour is rewarded, while bad behaviour (like keeping a room messy) has consequences.

4. Clean Toys are Hygienic Toys!

Kids have a habit of putting things in their mouths. This is especially true with their toys; the same toys that have been dragged around the floor and stepped all over by the kids themselves. While toys like stuffed animals and dolls clothes can be thrown in the washer, there’s a fun way for kids to help in cleaning their plastic and rubber toys. Make a sudsy solution of water and detergent in the tub (or buckets) and dunk the plastic and rubber toys in it. Make sure you use a kid safe product as your little ones are likely to splash some of the water around. Give them a cleaning brush or sponge and have them imitate you scrubbing the toys to get them clean. Spread an old towel out the floor outside the bathroom before you start washing the toys so that once they have been scrubbed and rinsed thoroughly, you can pass them on to your kids one by one to go place on the towel to dry.

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