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No matter how careful you are, it almost seems like carpet stains are inevitable. Even if it isn’t you, someone else always manages to spill something they’re not supposed to on your favourite carpet. Since avoiding carpet stains is near impossible, the only thing left to do is find carpet cleaning solutions to get those ugly blotches out.

You need to pick a method and stain removal product according to the type and nature of your carpet stain. It could be anything from coffee or ketchup, to wax or gum; so to make it easier for you to figure out the best way to get the stains of YOUR carpet, we’ve categorised different types of stains and matched them with effective carpet stain removal methods! Take a look.

Eatables and Beverages

Causes: Ketchup, juice, tea, coffee, wine, beer, sauce, chocolate, hard candy, milk, ice cream, colas

Method: Make a strong solution of water and detergent (regular fabric detergent or a stain remover will do). Use a white absorbent cloth for the job because part of the stain removal process involves transferring it onto another material; in this case it’s the white cloth in your hand. Dip one end of the cloth into the solution and gently squeeze out some of the excess water before you begin to blot/dab the stain on your carpet.

After 30 seconds of repeated blotting, press down on the stain for a few minutes to allow the solution to penetrate the carpet. Allow it to sit for a few more minutes to really break down the stain. Next, take a dry rag and soak up as much moisture as you can from the stain and surrounding area.

Now, take another clean white cloth and pour some white vinegar onto it. Use this to blot the area, pressing down on the stain for a few seconds between the blotting. After a minute or so, leave it alone for the vinegar to work its magic! To rinse off the detergent and vinegar, soak a clean cloth in warm water and dab the area until the carpet is free of the cleaning agents.

Oily and Greasy Substances

Causes: Lotion, makeup, cooking or machine oil, grease, butter, cheese, salad dressing, crayons, colour pencils

Method: For carpet stains of this nature, a dry cleaning solvent is recommended. Pour some onto a white cloth (not too much, it shouldn’t soak the cloth) and dab the stain for a minute. Use more solvent on another clean part of the cloth and continue blotting if needed.

Wait a few minutes before removing the solvent with a clean cloth soaked in warm water (same process as mentioned earlier). Allow the carpet to dry completely and observe the area of the stain. Chances are it will be much lighter. This particular method can be used as many times as it takes to completely get rid of the carpet stain, just make sure to let the carpet dry before repeating the process.

Sticky Substances

Causes: Chewing gum, wax, glue, other adhesives

Method: Fill a ziplock bag with ice and place it over the stain. This will harden the substance and make it easier to get out. Take a butter knife and break off as much of the stain as you can until you’re left with just a sticky residue. Next, use a solvent or detergent solution to remove the stickiness and remainder of the carpet stain.

If you find any trace of the stain after your carpet has dried, use a little more dry cleaning solvent on a clean cloth and press down on the stain for a few minutes. That ought to take care of the stain once and for all. Don’t forget to rinse off the cleaning agent with a cloth soaked in warm water.

Natural Stains

Causes: Mud, dirt, dust

Method: Vacuum or brush off the dry portions of the stain before you add more moisture to the area. Regular fabric detergent is enough to clean carpet stains of this nature. Simply make a solution of water and detergent, dip one end of a cloth in it and gently rub the stain away in small circular motions. Use a dry cloth to absorb the water and repeat the cleaning process if needed.

Remember, carpet stains should be tackled immediately if for a higher chance of getting them out completely. A stain that has had time to sit will require more effort, time and product in removing it.

Nevertheless, there’s no cleaning crisis too big for us to handle at Simply Maid; hire us to take care of your household cleaning needs and we’ll show you what we mean! We’re also happy to share more cleaning tips and secrets with you. Our primary focus is to help you keep a clean and happy home! For a list of professional services we offer, check out our services and pricing page. If you have any questions, visit our FAQ page.

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  1. The way you have segregated every type of stain and its solution is really great! I found sticky substances very hard to get rid of, but gladly I found your site and this particular blog is really very great to read! Thanks again for sharing it with us.


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