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7 Warning Signs of a Bad House Cleaning Service

It’s unfortunate but it’s true; there are a lot of house cleaning services out there looking to make a fast buck at your expense. In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons why homeowners end up missing out on the many benefits that come with hiring a trusted house cleaning service. 

Not knowing how to find a trustworthy maid service often leads to giving up on the idea altogether. If you find yourself in the same boat, we are here to help you change that. The key to steering clear of hiring a bad home cleaning service is to identify the warning signs. What are these red flags you need

How to Clean Different Types of Window Blinds

There’s something about window blinds that give them a one-up over traditional window treatments. Right from their aesthetic appeal to the convenience of rolling them up when you want some more natural light coming in, and rolling them down for privacy; blinds are a decorative and practical option for any home! What’s more, they are available in quite a few styles and materials which also means that the cleaning methods associated with them differ from one another.

Understanding the right cleaning techniques and products to use for your specific type of window blind is crucial in maintaining their aesthetic value and functionality. You don’t want to apply a method that

Green Cleaning 101: How to Make & Use Natural Cleaning Solutions

We often hear about the concept and importance of eco-friendly cleaning services but how much do we really understand? Without going too much into detail, what people need to be aware of is the negative impact both small-scale and large-scale cleaning operations (using chemicals) have on the environment and our health. With that said, it is important for each one of us to reconsider the cleaning products and methods applied in our homes in a bid to do our part in reducing the use of toxic chemicals.

While many homeowners have already switched to organic cleaning solutions, others are skeptical of their effectiveness. Apart from this, some individuals are

How to Clean and Sanitise a Bathtub

Bathtubs are for treating ourselves to some form of luxury by immersing and relaxing our tired bodies in warm water (and some bubbles, perhaps?) after a long, hard day. It sounds amazing and, for the most part, it is! If you’re wondering about the times when soaking in your tub isn’t so amazing, that’s usually when you are bathing in a dirty, unsanitary bathtub! Of course, most homeowners refrain from using a bathtub altogether if it is stained and grimy, and for good reason. Bathtubs can be one of the most unsanitary components of a home if not cleaned and sanitised routinely. Merely rinsing the tub after a bath is

The Many Ways to Make Your Home More Sanitary

If you thought a clean house equals a sanitary one, think again! There are two reasons why this isn’t true; either you are merely cleaning and not disinfecting your home, or you are overlooking some crucial areas and objects in the house that are infested with germs. Even worse, you could be doing both of these things!

So, what are the many ways to make your home more sanitary? Well, you’ve come to the right place to find that out! Simply Maid is going to show you how to get rid of germs in the house, one room at a time, while also giving you tips on how to

How to Destain Your Walls Instead of Painting Over Them!

There’s nothing like freshly painted walls to make your home look and feel new again! Unfortunately, a few wall stains (which are inevitable) can really drag its appearance down, not to mention the rest of your home interiors. The good news, however, is that you don’t need to repaint anything if you know how to get stains off your walls without removing paint. It’s a lot easier than most people think — well, at least it is with Simply Maid’s guide on how to destain your walls!

Depending on the type of stain or mark on the wall, the method to remove it will differ. Shared below are some

New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions: Keep Your Home Clean All Through 2021!

2020 has been a tough year for all of us; we’ve been put through the wringer (some more than others) but here we are, kicking off the new year, feeling thankful for what we have, and hopeful for what’s to come in 2021. Then again, regardless of what the new year has in store for us, it is up to each one of us to make something of it. This begins with making the right New Year’s resolutions that will encourage you to be a better version of yourself and, of course, take measures to keep your home clean in 2021!

There’s no better time to do this than the

How to Clean Burnt Stainless Steel Pots & Pans (Greasy Bottoms Included!)

They say a watched pot never boils but they never told you that an unwatched pot only takes a few minutes to get completely burnt if you aren’t careful enough! The fact is, burning food in a stainless steel utensil at some point is inevitable; we all tend to step out of the kitchen for what seems like just a moment, only to find that it was long enough to burn all the food at the bottom of the pan. Of course, that doesn’t mean your scorched pot/pan is a lost cause; all it needs is a little TLC to restore the piece to its original condition. How, you ask?

How Often Should You Hire a Professional House Cleaner?

Sometimes, the need for a professional house cleaning service is not as obvious as you would think. On the surface, everything looks good but what lies underneath is often a different story. 

Nonetheless, many homeowners do their best to keep a clean and tidy home, all the while balancing a job and taking care of a family. This is one of the reasons why it isn’t surprising that they sometimes fall short of their own expectations. Meanwhile, in other households, homeowners become accustomed to concealing a mess behind closed doors, or not going beyond the surface to truly clean a space; these are only two of many reasons why

The Average Homeowner’s Guide to Cleaning & Maintaining Air Conditioners

While most people around the world are gearing up for a cold, winter Christmas, back in Australia, homeowners are getting their cooling systems in order for yet another summertime Christmas season! 

Although a lot of people use air conditioning throughout most of the year with winter being the exception, when summer rolls around, you definitely want your split AC to be in tiptop condition. How? Well, annual HVAC maintenance by a professional technician is definitely recommended, however, the average homeowner is certainly capable of carrying out DIY AC cleaning and maintenance to keep recurring expenses to a minimum. Above this, you will also be able to prevent costly repairs by