How to Clean Different Types of Window Blinds


There’s something about window blinds that give them a one-up over traditional window treatments. Right from their aesthetic appeal to the convenience of rolling them up when you want some more natural light coming in, and rolling them down for privacy; blinds are a decorative and practical option for any home! What’s more, they are available in quite a few styles and materials which also means that the cleaning methods associated with them differ from one another.

Understanding the right cleaning techniques and products to use for your specific type of window blind is crucial in maintaining their aesthetic value and functionality. You don’t want to apply a method that could potentially damage or discolour the blinds which, unfortunately, has been the case for many other homeowners. Of course, you needn’t be one of them because today, Simply Maid is sharing the appropriate cleaning methods for four different types of window blinds! Read on. 

Steps to Clean Roller Blinds

Because there are no pleats or folds in roller blinds, they provide a super neat and uniform appearance which is only ruined with the accumulation of dirt and dust! So, if you find yourself standing in a cloud of dust when your roller blinds drop down, the cleaning method below will ensure that they are restored to a clean, stain-free, and dust-free condition.

    1. Unlike roman blinds, there are no slats or panels on the back of your roller blinds and so, they can be soaked in a cleaning solution to really revitalise their colour and fabric. A mild solution of room temperature water and laundry detergent is advised for this. Depending on the material, you might want to look up appropriate washing instructions/symbols for your fabric roller blinds.
    2. Before you soak the roller blinds, vacuum both sides to remove as much dust and dirt from the fabric.
    3. If the washing instructions permit, soak the roller blinds in the cleaning solution for about 1 hour. Agitate the water and material (without crunching it) to loosen and dislodge dirt. At the end of 60 minutes, you might find that the water has become dirty or discoloured which is a good indication that the deep clean is working.
    4. Take the blinds out and lay them flat down on a clean bathroom floor. Use a soft-bristled brush or sponge to scrub the fabric gently. Spot clean stubborn stains or dirt with a stronger cleaning solution made with water and liquid laundry detergent.
    5. Rinse the roller blinds under running water to remove the cleaner. Do this a couple of times until the water runs clear (i.e. when it is no longer soapy).
    6. To dry your roller blinds, hang them up or drape them over a clothes rack. Double-check that the blinds are completely dry before you roll them up to prevent trapping moisture.

Steps to Clean Roman Blinds

Roman blinds feature a fabric covering over slats that pleat the material when raised. They can be found in many types of materials, however, their mechanism stays the same. Like any fabric or upholstered furnishing, roman blinds are prone to dust, stains, and discolouration. Nevertheless, you can keep your roman blinds looking as good as new for years to come with a simple, regular cleaning method!

Here is our efficient step-by-step guide on how to clean roman blinds safely.

    1. If the blinds are too high up, take them down and then proceed with the cleaning process.
    2. Unfold the blinds so that the material is flat. 
    3. Vacuum the fabric from top to bottom. A handheld vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning roman blinds when they are hanging up on the window while the traditional version of the appliance is easier and quicker to use when the blinds are placed flat down on the floor.
    4. Spend a little more time vacuuming the top and bottom edge of the blinds as dust tends to accumulate in these specific places.
    5. Spot treat stains on your roman blinds with mild dish soap, water, and a clean white cloth. Simply rub the stain gently with a cloth dampened in the cleaning solution before rinsing it off with a fresh damp towel.

Steps to Clean Venetian Blinds

Wooden, aluminium, and PVC are some of the most common materials that Venetian blinds are available in. Luckily, these types of Venetian blinds don’t require special cleaning products unless you are looking to polish the material after getting them cleaned up. In that case, a product-specific polish is advised. 

As far as the cleaning method is concerned, here is how you can clean your Venetian blinds.

    1. Close the blinds so that the slats are all flat down. If your Venetian blinds require a basic clean, leave them up for this.
    2. Use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe away dust/dirt. Start from the top and move from side to side until you reach the bottom; do the same for the back of the blinds.
    3. Next, dampen a clean microfibre cloth with a few sprays of glass cleaner, and wipe over the material. Gently scrub at stains or spots until they come off (use more glass cleaner is needed).
    4. If your Venetian blinds have encountered stubborn buildup over time, they will likely require a deeper clean with more elbow grease involved. To do this, take them off the window and place them flat down on a clean bathroom floor.
    5. Mix liquid dish soap and water to form a slightly sudsy solution.
    6. Dampen your Venetian blinds, and then scrub them gently with your cleaning solution and a soft brush.
    7. Rinse the slats and repeat if needed.
    8. When you are satisfied with the clean, wipe each slat of the blinds with a dry, lint-free towel.

Steps to Clean Vertical Blinds (Fabric & Vinyl)

In terms of cleaning methods, vertical blinds aren’t very different from horizontal blinds. They are a little more tedious owing to their length, however, the method of cleaning vertical blinds depends on the material. They are generally available in PVC and fabric types, both of which have specific cleaning requirements. 

Here’s how you can clean fabric and vinyl vertical blinds.

Fabric Vertical Blinds

    1. If the blinds are within reach, there’s no need to take them down. Simply vacuum each slat with a brush attachment while the vertical blinds are closed. Do the same for the back of the blinds.
    2. Make a mild cleaning solution consisting of water and liquid laundry detergent (avoid making it too soapy as rinsing it off thoroughly will be a real task).
    3. Dip and wring a clean microfibre cloth or non-abrasive scrubber in the cleaning solution, and gently wipe your vertical blinds from top to bottom.
    4. To remove the cleaning agent, dampen a clean towel, and wipe over the fabric.
    5. Allow the blinds to air-dry overnight.

Vinyl Vertical Blinds

    1. Wipe each vinyl vane with a clean dust cloth or a pair of microfibre dust gloves (the latter is quicker and more convenient to use).
    2. Like most types of Venetian blinds, your vinyl vertical blinds can be cleaned with a glass cleaning product (advisable for tough grime), or mild soap and water for a basic clean. 
    3. Dampen a microfibre cloth with your chosen cleaner, and wipe each vane individually. If you’re using a mild cleaning solution, there’s no need to wipe over the blinds with a damp cloth unless there is a soapy residue present on the surface. In this case, a damp wipe down is necessary, followed by a dry wipe to prevent water spots.

As you can see, it’s fairly easy to clean different types of window blinds when you know the right ways to do it! So, the next time you’re cleaning your windows, don’t forget to give your window blinds some TLC, too!

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