Disinfecting Your Home: A Guide to Germ-Free Household Life!


The worst part about germs or bacteria is that you can’t always see them. And when you can’t see them, you choose to believe they aren’t there. That’s the first major no-no here; just because there isn’t a big lump of mould growth somewhere, that doesn’t mean your home is free of germs. In fact, there are several areas in your home that are guaranteed to be crawling with bacteria because they are often overlooked when cleaning, or just not cleaned regularly. What you need to know is where to find the germs, how to kill them and how to germ proof your home. To your good luck, we know just how to do that! Take a look at our home germ proofing guide.

1. The Bare Truth about Bare Hands

The most germ infested places in your home are those that are touched ever so often. These include doorknobs, handles, faucets, appliances, remotes, etc. Did you know that germs can live on these surfaces for over two days? Hence, regular cleaning of these handheld hot spots is imperative. Use a germ-killing cleaner to disinfect these surfaces by spraying on a generous amount. Of course, certain items cannot be exposed to excess liquid, so consider soaking an end of a cloth in the disinfectant and use that to carefully wipe your no-wet items. Remember, the killing of bacteria happens as the cleaner evaporate so avoid dry-wiping or touching until completely dry. Also, if you find that the liquid is drying up too fast, re-spray the area and leave it alone.

2. Sink Germs in the Sink!

Bathroom and kitchen sinks are other common areas that accumulate germs and spread viruses within the household. Bathroom sinks are used for various purposes by multiple household members and therefore, hold many germs. The kitchen sink, on the other hand, becomes greasy and grimy on pretty much a daily basis due to the oils and food ingredients it comes in contact with. If it is not cleaned, germs set in almost as soon as the sink dries up. Therefore, all household sinks needs to be cleaned with a disinfectant regularly. Keep a spray can nearby to spritz sinks at least thrice a week to keep germs at bay.

3. Household Linen: A Home for Germs?

Your bed linen, bath towels, sofa cushions and window curtains may all be homes for germs and bacteria. They need regular laundering with antibacterial detergents to really kill the germs hiding within the fibres. Of course, you can’t wash your linen on a daily basis (even though there may be germs on it). So what can you do? Again, spraying your linen with a disinfectant is the best way to kill, and keep germs away. Spray curtains and upholstery (in moderate amounts) at night when everyone is ready for bed so that any dampness will dry overnight. For bed linen, the best time to do this is in the morning because your bed will be left idle for hours thereafter. Household linen needs to be disinfected at least twice a week to help keep your home germ-free.

4. Avoid Dragging Germs In and Around Your Home

It’s a good idea to keep a shoe rack close to your front door so that you can take your shoes off and put on your house slippers before you walk further in to your home. The footwear we use to go outside picks up all kinds of dirt and bacteria that we then drag around our homes when we walk in. So, instead of putting on/taking off your shoes in your room, do it at the door to ensure that they aren’t spreading bacteria around the house.

5. Clean Your Cleaning Aids!

If your cleaning aids aren’t cleaned regularly, you’ll be spreading germs around as opposed to killing them! Kitchen towels, sponges, scrubbers, bathroom brushes, squeegees, and any other cleaning tool you can think of, all carry germs. So make it a habit to give them a good cleaning once in a while by soaking them in a bucket mixed with water and a disinfectant. It’s also helpful to dry them outside after using as the sun is a natural germ-killing source.

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A big thanks to our friends over at Maids in a Minute for their contribution to this article. Please check them out if you are looking for an Ann Arbor cleaning service!

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