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How to Clean Makeup Brushes & Blenders Without Special Tools & Products

The evolution of makeup has not only seen a significant increase in the types of cosmetic products used on a daily basis, but also the number of tools associated with makeup application. We’re referring to the brushes and sponges/blenders that help perfect one’s makeup, of course! 

Gone are the days when all we had in our makeup kits were a blush brush, an eyeshadow brush, and a powder puff! With the evolution of makeup, more and more cosmetic brands are creating innovative makeup tools to help users achieve any kind of look whether it’s a simple day look, full-on glam, editorial makeup, or artistic makeup. These different types of brushes

A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning a Crib Mattress and Baby Bedding

Soon-to-be parents spend a lot of time learning everything they need to know about preparing for a baby, and taking care of one as they get older. All the books, classes, videos, online research, and questions asked (and answered) definitely help new mothers and fathers to be better prepared for the early stages of parenthood; however, there are some related responsibilities that come with taking care of a baby and yet, you rarely find them in a book. We’re talking about cleaning your baby’s crib mattress and bedding on a regular basis.

While there may be a lot of parents out there who have already undertaken this responsibility, there are

Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pests in Your House

Pests are not only annoying to have in your home but they can be pretty destructive too. They attack your food, leave droppings everywhere, hide in your cabinets and closets, startle you when they run/jump/fly at you, and create a real nuisance in general. So, if you’re living with pests, or in fear of them, it’s time to get them out! How? Well, Simply Maid is here to share some natural home remedies to get rid of those pesky pests!

So, before you call pest control, why not do a little pest control yourself? Take a look at these common household pests and some of the most effective natural remedies

Pet Hair Problems: Tips to Clean & Reduce Pet Hair in Your Home

While cats and dogs are very different, they share one thing in common – fur! And just like humans who lose up to 100 strands of hair every day, pets shed some of their fur too. Although both cats and dogs typically have 1-2 major shedding cycles per year, they will still lose some hair on a daily basis. This is why you find pet hair all over the house a day after you’ve cleaned it!

Speaking of which, have you ever wondered whether your methods for cleaning up pet hair are efficient enough? Perhaps you’re spending a lot more time than you would like on removing pet hair

House Cleaning in 2021: How it Started… How it’s Going (Tips to Stay on Track)

As we near the second half of 2021, it’s a good time to track the progress you’ve made since the beginning of the year. Have you been able to stick to those cleaning resolutions? Did you slip up along the way? Is your home nowhere near the level of cleanliness you vowed to maintain at the end of 2020? Well, if you haven’t lived up to your expectations, you’re probably not the only one.

For many homeowners, ‘how it started and how it’s going’ seems to have developed into a pattern of ‘one step forward and two steps back’ (where cleaning is concerned, that is). Realistically speaking, it’s tough

7 Updates for a Better Organised Bedroom

Who doesn’t want their bedroom to be more organised? That’s right, nobody! Now the next question is – ‘how can you organise your bedroom better than it currently is?’ Well, there are a lot of creative ways to do this, and the results are guaranteed to make your bedroom neater and tidier than ever!

With these bedroom organising ideas, you will see that it only takes a few simple updates to make big changes to a disorganised space. So, if you want to keep your bedroom organised, you’ve got to organise it right! Simply Maid is here to help you do that with our seven best updates for a

How to Efficiently Clean, Organise & Decorate Your Backyard!

If your backyard needs a makeover, there’s no need to call in a professional because guess what; you can very well do it yourself! How? Well, it’s a three-step process:

      1. Clean
      2. Organise
      3. Decorate 

Although it’s a lot of work, making it a weekend project and perhaps, a few helping hands will allow you to get everything done in a systematic manner. Luckily, Simply Maid, is here to guide you through a thorough yard cleanup, and give you the best organising tips and decorating ideas for the perfect backyard makeover! Read on.

How to Prepare for a Backyard Cleanup

The beginning of the backyard cleanup is certainly the most overwhelming

Glass Cleaning Tips and a Couple of Tricks for Spotless Results!

Brand new glass in any form is crystal clear until it is subjected to fingerprints, stains, dust, dirt, and improper cleaning methods. After that, it seems impossible to make your glass shine again as if it were brand new. That’s because, more often than not, basic glass cleaning methods used by homeowners tend to leave streaks on the surface or, at best, a clean but cloudy-looking glass. The bottom line is that none of these results are acceptable! Especially not in Simply Maid’s books which is why we’ve gathered the best methods to make glass crystal clear again!

Whether you’re cleaning windows, mirrors, drinking glasses, or other household glass

When One Fails, Try Another… The Many Ways to Remove Tape/Sticker Residue!

Nowadays, you find stickers on almost anything you buy; right from glassware and ceramics to plastic toys and even fruit! You would think that by now manufacturers and retailers would understand the plight of consumers who struggle to remove sticker residue from products and therefore, stop using them altogether! Unfortunately, it looks like stickers are here to stay but that doesn’t mean the residue has to. 

While removing stubborn, sticky substances has always been a troublesome task, there are many ways to remove sticker residue from different surfaces. This gives you the reassurance that if Plan A fails, there’s always Plan B, C, D, and so on! 

So, if you’ve

The Best Reusable Face Masks & The Right Way to Wash Them

For many of us, face masks are now a part of our ‘outfit of the day’! Although they are no longer compulsory in some countries, people still choose to wear a mask when they go out to protect themselves (and others) from the coronavirus. 

Because they are used frequently (some on a daily basis), face masks accumulate dirt and bacteria, making them unsanitary to use if not cleaned and disinfected. For these reasons, washing your reusable face mask regularly a must! More so because the fabric is exposed to potential viruses such as COVID-19, thus increasing the risk of contracting the disease if your mask is not washed and sterilised