Get Ahead of Spring Cleaning 2021 With Our Comprehensive, Room-by-Room Checklists


Before you know it, it’s going to be springtime, and that means making the most of the gorgeous weather before the wet season begins. Of course, it’s not all fun and games because with springtime comes the often dreaded, yet much-needed, spring cleaning!

If you’re wondering why the task of spring cleaning is generally disliked, perhaps it’s because it seems like there’s so much to do in so little time (which is often the case). This is why getting ahead of your spring cleaning and planning it out helps a great deal. Unfortunately, many owners end up skipping spring cleaning because they don’t know how to organise it efficiently. Well, Simply Maid is here to make sure you don’t miss out on anything for a very successful spring cleaning in 2021!

Why Do I Need to Plan My Spring Cleaning Early?

There are so many reasons why it helps to plan any type of big cleaning project as early as possible. For starters, it gives you enough time to figure out which areas require intensive deep cleaning and organising – these are the tasks you can start working on as and when time permits, even before spring arrives. 

So, unless you are trying to spring clean your home in a hurry, here are a few reasons why planning the project in advance is necessary.

To Create a Doable Cleaning Schedule

When you have time to plan, you can come up with the perfect cleaning schedule that fits your day-to-day routine, and one that works around your job schedule and other responsibilities. Bear in mind, however, that the cleaning schedule can only be created once you have your spring cleaning checklists ready which we will be sharing with you later on.

To Be Prepared

Spring cleaning generally requires cleaning tools, products, and miscellaneous items that you may or may not have in your home. Therefore, you can prepare for the forthcoming cleaning project by stocking up on things you’ll need to spring clean your home. This ensures that no time is wasted once the intensive cleaning is underway.

It’s Better to Start Earlier Than Later!

With a big, time-consuming project like spring cleaning, the only way to stay on top of things and/or on schedule, is to plan and start early. Whether it’s decluttering daily, or organising drawers and cabinets on the weekend, there are quite a few tasks you can tick off your spring cleaning checklists that lessen the burden later on (when spring cleaning is in full swing).

How Do I Prepare for Spring Cleaning?

Since you’ve decided to get a headstart on spring cleaning this year, preparing for the same will be a breeze! As far as cleaning tools and products are concerned, you probably already have everything you need, however, you will require a few other things, as well as extra cleaning aids and products as you may run out. 

Take a look at the list below to ensure that you have everything you need to spring clean your home: 

Cleaning Tools

    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Long-handled broom
    • Mop 
    • Microfibre dust cloths 
    • Scrub brushes
    • Toothbrushes 
    • Long-handled floor brush 
    • Non-abrasive scrubbers
    • Scouring pads
    • Sponges 
    • Rags 
    • Clean absorbent cloths
    • Paper towels

Cleaning Products

    • All-purpose cleaner
    • Degreaser
    • Floor cleaner
    • Glass cleaner
    • Bathroom cleaners
    • Laundry detergent
    • Dishwashing liquid
    • White vinegar
    • Baking soda

Miscellaneous Items

    • Garbage bags
    • Boxes
    • Tape
    • Storage containers
    • Buckets
    • Spray bottles

Where Do I Start Spring Cleaning?

If you don’t know how to start off your spring cleaning mission, you will likely turn your whole house upside, and then be left with the overwhelming task of putting it back together as neatly as possible! This is the absolute worst way to go about spring cleaning because it tends to make more of a mess which, in turn, complicates the whole process. Instead, to make spring cleaning easier, the experts at London House Cleaners advise cleaning and organising one room at a time; however, that still leaves the question of ‘where to start’ unanswered. 

Well, we suggest starting with the rooms that are most used or needed, and then moving on to other areas of the house. For example, you will probably want to use your kitchen on a daily basis and therefore, should start spring cleaning it before any of the other rooms. Next up should be your bedroom; take the day off to declutter, clean and organise your bedroom so that you have a comfortable and relaxing place to sleep at the end of every day that you spend spring cleaning your home! In a similar manner, clean the rest of your home, room-by-room, on a priority basis.

What is the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist?

Because a house is made up of multiple rooms, the ultimate spring cleaning checklist has to consist of multiple checklists! Nevertheless, Simply Maid has got everything covered with these comprehensive, individual checklists for every room of your house.

So, without further ado, let’s get right to them!


      • Clean out refrigerator (defrost and clean freezer)
      • Clean and organise kitchen cabinets and drawers
      • Degrease cabinet fronts and tops
      • Clean and organise pantry (check for expired food products and discard as needed)
      • Wipe down backsplash tiles
      • Dust walls
      • Clean stovetop (grates, knobs, etc)
      • Deep clean oven + exterior
      • Deep clean microwave + exterior
      • Clean and freshen up dishwasher
      • Clean sink + faucet
      • Deep clean garbage bin
      • Deep clean garbage disposal
      • Clean counters
      • Organise countertop items
      • Wipe down shelves and racks
      • Clean windows + blinds
      • Scrub and buff floor
      • Wash dish cloths
      • Replace scrubbers/sponges


      • Clean out and organise closet
      • Organise dresser drawers + top
      • Clean and organise cabinets/drawers/storage spaces
      • Clean and organise bookshelf
      • Clean high tops
      • Organise shoe rack/storage
      • Flip mattress (air out in the sun first)
      • Dust curtain rods and change curtains
      • Clean windows + blinds
      • Dust walls
      • Clean under bed
      • Change bed linen
      • Wipe down furniture (apply polish if needed)
      • Clean windows
      • Vacuum carpet/rugs
      • Clean floors


      • Wash doormat
      • Dust wall art/picture frames
      • Clean mirror
      • Wipe down front door
      • Dust walls
      • Wipe down coat rack
      • Clean shoe stand
      • Vacuum and mop floor

Living Room

      • Vacuum upholstery
      • Treat couch stains
      • Launder cushion covers and slipcovers
      • Dust curtain rods and change curtains
      • Clean windows + blinds
      • Dust light fixtures/lamp shades
      • Clean TV unit
      • Dust furniture
      • Dust walls
      • Clean frames/wall art
      • Clean mirrors
      • Clean and organise coffee table
      • Wipe and sanitise remotes
      • Clean and service air conditioner
      • Wipe down electronic exteriors
      • Dust knickknacks and decorative items
      • Vacuum carpets/rugs
      • Clean windows
      • Clean and buff floor


      • Clean out medicine cabinet (discard expired products)
      • Clean window sill
      • Cleaning wall-mounted shelves/stands
      • Clean shower niche
      • Clean vanity
      • Organise vanity drawers/cabinets
      • Clean bathroom mirror
      • Scrub bathtub interior and exterior
      • Scrub shower tiles
      • Scrub wall tiles
      • Clean sink
      • Clean toilet bowl inside and outside
      • Unclog shower head with vinegar
      • Clean and buff all fittings/hardware
      • Dust ceiling
      • Clean tile grout (regrout if needed)
      • Clean shower door/curtain
      • Wipe down towel holders/racks/hooks
      • Wash window
      • Replace towels
      • Scrub floor

Dining Room

      • Wash table linen
      • Clean and polish dining tabletop
      • Dust table legs
      • Dust dining chairs and vacuum upholstery
      • Clean and de-stain upholstered chairs
      • Change curtains and dust curtain rods
      • Dust window blinds
      • Clean and organise dishware/display cabinet
      • Clean and organise drawers and storage cabinets
      • Dust wall art/picture frames
      • Clean mirror
      • Wipe down buffet table
      • Dust walls
      • Wipe down furniture
      • Clean windows
      • Vacuum carpet/rugs
      • Clean and buff floor
      • Polish silverware


      • Wash and sterilise all toys
      • Deep clean carpet/mats/rugs
      • Organise toys
      • Clean and organise storage units/cabinets
      • Clean windows
      • Dust walls and ceiling
      • Wipe and sanitise playpen fence
      • Deep clean floor


      • Sort through garage contents
      • Declutter and donate unwanted items
      • Dust walls
      • Wash garage door
      • Clean windows
      • Sweep floor
      • Degrease and mop floor
      • Organise garage contents

All Areas

      • Declutter (tabletops, cabinets, drawers, closets, etc)
      • Clean air vents
      • Inspect smoke alarms (change batteries if needed)
      • Clean or replace air filters
      • Sanitise switchboards 
      • Sanitise doorknobs
      • Sanitise handles/pulls
      • Clean ceiling fans
      • Remove cobwebs
      • Dust baseboards
      • Clean light fixtures

After you’ve read this article, it might sound like a lot more than you imagined, but the truth is that a lot of these tasks are relatively small ones that simply contribute to a long spring cleaning checklist. Nevertheless, a few helping hands will make it easier, and if your home is cluttered don’t forget to use a rubbish removal service!, most importantly, giving yourself enough time to realistically spring clean your home successfully is a must!

We also have comprehensive cleaning guides for home gyms, laundry rooms, kids’ bedrooms, and your front porch, so be sure to check those out and check off more cleaning and organising tasks to complete your spring cleaning in 2021!

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