How to Make Your Bed the Neat and Professional Way!

How to Make Your Bed the Neat and Professional Way!

Do you ever compare the neatness and perfection of beds made at hotels to your very own? And do you find a world of difference between the two?! Well, you’re not alone. Making your bed is perhaps, the easiest home chore there is, but because it’s done in haste every morning, the end result is not exactly presentable. Furthermore, many minor details are overlooked when making beds, which are not doing your health any favours either. So, we’re giving you a step by step guide on how to make your bed the neat and health-conscious way!

Step 1: Clear the Bed

If you’ve been taking a short cut to make your bed, you’ve been doing it wrong all along! You’ll never achieve a smooth finish with your bed linen unless you clear it before making it up again. This means taking off the pillows, covers, comforters, etc. before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Dust the Bed Sheet

If step one is indeed something you’ve been following when making your bed, perhaps this is the one you’ve been leaving out. Dusting your bed sheet everyday is important because during the course of the night, dead skin cells and dust in the air (or coming through the window) settles on your sheets. If you don’t dust it off, you’ll be sleeping on the same thing the next night or every night! To dust your bed properly, you can either take off the whole sheet and dust it out of a window, or you can pull out a corner or two (along the same side, i.e. from top to bottom) and move your arms up and down to create waves in the sheet. Both of these do a good job at making your bed sheet dust-free.

Step 3: Tuck it in Nice and Tight

The bed sheet needs to be tote from end to end and corner to corner. In order to achieve this, the excess tucking material should be equal all on sides. Although these ratios more or less stay intact for days on end; when dusting your sheet, one end tends to get pulled out from under the mattress, causing the bed sheet to look lopsided when you re-tuck it. This doesn’t allow the sheet to be tote either, so always check each side before you start tucking it under the mattress.

Step 4: Lay Down Your Cover

Regardless of whether you cover your bed with multiple layers (i.e. a top sheet, comforter, etc), they all need to spread across evenly and have the same amount of overhang on each side. Once you’ve got that done to perfection, fold the layers down from the top just enough to make place for your pillows. Remember, if you’re using more than one cover, the last one (i.e. the first one placed over the bed sheet) should be spread out with the pattern face down so that it shows when you fold the layers back down. To get your covers looking extra neat, smoothen them down with your arms.

Step 5: Dust and Fluff Your Pillows

When it comes to your pillows, it’s the same case as your bed sheet. They need to be dusted on a daily basis so that you aren’t breathing in dust mites and the likes. To dust your pillows, you can either bang then against each other, or use one hand to hold1 the pillow, and pat the dust away with the other hand. Lastly, fluff them up real nice by grabbing a pillow on either side and squeezing them together before turning it around to do the other side. Place them snuggly between the headrest and folded layers and your bed is now made to match the ones you see at 5-star hotels!

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