Bathroom Cleaning Tips – When the Mould’s at Bay, the Cleanliness Will Stay!


The buildup of mould in your bathroom is unsightly, of course, but you should really be more concerned with the terrible health effects it has on you and your family. From skin allergies to triggering asthma attacks, mould is one of the worst forms of bacteria to make its home in your bathrooms. Yet, it seems rather impossible to prevent it due to the high levels of moisture and humidity trapped in our bathrooms on a daily basis. But the fact of the matter is, mould can indeed be kept at bay if you follow a few simple rules. Read on to find out the best bathroom cleaning tips to keep it mould-free!

1. Squeegee Your Bathroom Walls and Floor

You know that humidity and dampness in your bathroom is what makes it the perfect breeding ground for mould; therefore, use a squeegee to drag water droplets and moisture down to the floor after you’ve showered or washed the bathroom. Squeegees are a must-have cleaning tool to have in every bathroom because it wipes away almost 80% of the water and moisture in your bathroom. Be sure to keep two separate squeegees; one for walls and one for the floor.

2. Exhaust Fans and Ventilation Work Like a Charm

To free your bathroom of humidity and moisture, exhaust fans are your best bet. Of course, there is an alternative way to achieve this, i.e. to get as much ventilation into your bathroom as possible. You can do this by opening the window and leaving the door open after every use to air out the bathroom properly. You should also open other nearby windows in your home to increase the ventilation in the bathroom which, in turn, will dry it up faster and let out the humid air.

3. Check for Bathroom Leakages

If you’ve got even the smallest of leakages in your bathroom, there’s no stopping the buildup of mould. Check the ceiling, flush tank, under the sink, valves and other areas for potential leaks. If you do find a leak somewhere, bring in a plumber to repair it as soon as possible. Bear in mind that mould grows the fastest on damp walls, so if the bathroom needs major plumbing work, don’t ignore it!

4. Regular Cleaning Eliminates Mould Growth

Sometimes it’s hard to spot mould with the naked eye when the growth is in its initial stages; therefore, regular cleaning is a must. Of course, you clean your bathroom regularly for sanitary reasons, but the type of cleaning we’re referring to is tailored more towards the nooks and crannies of the room. For example, when washing your sink, how often do you clean the underside? This is one common place for mould to form so be sure to clean there at least once in two weeks. Other mould dwellings include bathroom corners, behind the flush tank, the exteriors of the toilet bowl and around medicine cabinet.

5. Reseal Grout Lines

If you look closely between your bathroom tiles, you might find that they have countless gaps in them. These spaces promote mould growth because they remain damp for prolonged periods. Moreover, they collect dirt and grime that’s clearly visible to anyone that uses your bathroom. This is a fairly easy problem to tackle; there are many do-it-yourself grout line sealers available in stores that will not only restore the gaps, but also waterproof these spaces for as long as one year.

6. Use Anti-Mould Bathroom Cleaners

The last, yet equally important, measure to take is to replace your current bathroom cleaners with anti-mould ones. Generally, a cleaner that contains bleach will help to fight against the buildup of mould; however, there are special, eco-friendly products made to prevent mould growth in bathrooms. These cleaners are more suitable for households with kids and pets and are even effective when used once in 2-3 weeks.

If you found our cleaning advice helpful, we’ve got plenty more where that came from! At Simply Maid, we’ve got cleaning solutions for every room, and every area within it. The satisfactory result of our cleaning service is owed to our experience, hard work and understanding of household chores. Book a cleaning with us today and judge for yourself!

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