House Cleaning Facts (Infographic)


We know just how much effort cleaning and tidying can be. All over the world people struggle with cleaning their homes: All those nooks and crannies…it isn’t exactly the most inspiring task to perform, and once you’ve done it, that dust seems to settle all too quickly!

I know I have tasks that I don’t mind performing (the vacuuming), but there are tasks that I love to avoid: one of those is washng clothes: that pile builds up and up and up as I avoid it, until eventually I have to tackle the mountain: it takes me a full day.

But have you ever wondered which tasks most people dislike? Or what tasks men and female generally prefer? Or the ones that your friends and family breeze through, and which ones they struggle with? We have recently come across this fantastic cleaning infographic from Gleem Cleaning shows a breakdown of what tasks people like, and what tasks they loathe.

Have a scroll through: at the bottom there is a great part about ways to cut your cleaning costs. They’ve even got a section about how to spend all of that free time you’ll have once you find a professional, on-demand company to come and take the task off your hands!

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Karen Saunders



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