How to Make Your Studio Apartment the Envy of Your Street!


When you think of a studio apartment, you think small, cramped up and dingy; perhaps, there is some truth in this, however, the misconception that people have about studio apartments is that these living conditions are inevitable. While they aren’t the most spacious homes to live in, there are many ways in which you can create more space and, in fact, transform your studio apartment into a comfortable, airy and absolutely gorgeous living space!

At the risk of sounding too direct, it should be mentioned that any home which appears to be cluttered and dull, is typically owed to neglect on the owners’ part. Yes, you have to dedicate some amount of time and effort into making the best possible living space for yourself, or your studio apartment is bound to become a messy, less attractive home.

So, how do you make your studio apartment the envy of your street? Well, the answers lie in the tips and ideas below. Read on!

Less is More!

You’ve heard it many times before, and in this context, it could not be truer! The lesser things you have in your studio apartment, the better it is for your home (in more ways than one). For starters, excess stuff contributes to household clutter; it takes up more space than it should and makes cleaning and keeping a tidy home that much tougher. Therefore, studio apartment dwellers need to rethink what they possess and/or bring into their homes. For example, you don’t need to overdo it with home décor, nor should you hold on to things that are simply not beneficial to you anymore. For some, it may be tough to part with items of sentimental value, however, it’s time to think logically and do what’s best for your home and living condition.

A Practical Layout

How you position your furniture can be the difference between a cramped up studio apartment and a perfectly airy living space. The idea is to maximise floor space by coming up with the most practical layout. For this, you will have to move furniture around and try out different positions before ultimately finding the perfect place for everything. It’s understandable that the most practical layout for a room isn’t necessarily the prettiest, however, with enough time and imagination invested into the job at hand, we trust that you will find the right balance between aesthetics and practicality!

Utilise ‘Dead Space’

From the bare wall behind your front door, to corner spaces and potential overhead storage space; it’s time to make use of those dead spaces in your studio apartment in order to free up more floor space. Not just in small apartments, but in any home, more storage and floor space are always welcome! By installing overhead cabinets, you won’t be cramping up your floor, while making use of other dead spaces like corners and behind your door can add functionality to your studio apartment without cluttering up the entire room.

Little Plants = Big Beauty!

While a single, big or medium sized plant in one corner of the room is also doable, choosing small or tiny indoor plants that are easy to maintain and can be placed around your home, is a great way to instantly boost aesthetics! Natural beauty is always the way to go and indoor plants are just what a small living space needs. There is a wide variety of plant species to choose from, many of which don’t require much time and attention to care for. So, when looking to beautify a studio apartment, you can’t go wrong with indoor plants!

Make Bold Statements with Upholstery

Simple, neutral colours are beautiful and classy, but if you want your studio apartment to really ‘pop’, this can be achieved through your choice of upholstery. Different textures and contrasting colours are always advised, however, it helps to know where the line is between bold contrasts and colour tones that clash! For example, if you pick abstract patterns for your sofa cushions, it’s best to balance it out with subtle, self-coloured curtains. The trick here is to create a focal point in your studio apartment that is bold enough to catch one’s eye as soon as they walk in!

  1. Be UNIQUE!

With everything that you choose for your studio apartment – be it furniture or décor – stay true to yourself and allow your uniqueness to shine! After all, how else can you make your studio apartment the envy of your neighbours unless you make it stand out? From do-it-yourself home decorations, to rare artworks by local artists; there are many ways in which you can add to the uniqueness of your home for a rather low price. On the other hand, if your budget allows it, having custom-made, double-duty furniture that you have designed is a major win-win for you and your home! Not only can you rest assured that they are one-of-a-kind pieces, but double-duty furniture is a great way to maximise storage space without taking up excess room in your studio apartment!

Sometimes, everything we need is exactly what we have; it’s just a matter of getting the most out of it! With these tips and ideas, you can do just that and make your studio apartment an absolutely fabulous one!

Karen Saunders


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