10 Tips to Make Your Bedroom 10x More Appealing!


Making up your bedroom is one of the most fun parts of home decorating! On the other hand, it can also present the biggest challenges because of the sheer amount of possibilities. After all, you want to make all the right decisions so that bedroom is perfect! Moreover, the fact that bedrooms are like personal sanctuaries for people, means a lot more thought goes into decorating and planning one.

For starters, you want your room to be functional and include whatever it takes to make it as comfortable as possible. On the other hand, everything must come together in good taste to make it appealing. Now, although there are endless ideas for decorating a bedroom, at the end of the day, you can only choose about a handful of them to create the perfect one for you.

So, without further ado, here are 10 tips to make your bedroom more appealing than ever before!

  1. Stick to Limited Colours

The appearance of too much going on is never visually pleasing. That’s exactly what happens when you enter a bedroom where too many colours are screaming at you. Instead, keep the colours in your bedroom limited and contrasting. While there’s nothing wrong with bold colours for your walls, upholstery or décor, remember that each shade or colour tone should not clash with the other.

  1. Add a Soft Rug

Not only does a plush rug in your bedroom make it more appealing, but it also feels amazing on your bare feet! Best of all, rugs come in so many different shapes, sizes and textures, making it rather easy to find options that will match your bedroom décor. Yes, the most important thing to consider when selecting a rug for your bedroom is to match it to existing colours, textures and decorative components.

  1. Mix and Match Textures and Textiles

Sticking to one texture for all the textiles present in your bedroom can make the whole room look rather boring. By mixing and matching, your bedroom décor will appear more versatile, while also allowing the individual textures to shine on their own. That’s exactly what the goal should be when you choose to add textures to a bedroom – make them stand out!

  1. Add a Mural

If you want to keep your bedroom décor simple and classy, consider a beautiful wall mural that will serve as the room’s focal point. For this, you can be as creative as you’d like, however, bear in mind that it is a rather big step to take as far as interior decoration is concerned; therefore, you need to be absolutely certain about the colours and pattern/design you choose. A cleaning service in Edmonton says “It’s always best to stick to a theme when adding a mural to your bedroom.”

  1. Maintain a Clutter-Free Work Space

Bedrooms seem incomplete without a work desk or table. Unfortunately, these spaces end up getting pretty cluttered up when we sit down to get some work done (or even when we don’t). For this reason, it’s convenient to have a table/desk with attached storage space to help keep things organised. Of course, even a regular work space with lack of storage can be kept in a neat and organised manner; you just need to make the effort! Try it out and you’ll see that a clutter-free work space make your bedroom much more appealing!

  1. Add a Large, Decorative Mirror

Every bedroom needs a mirror, so why not make it a big, beautiful one? On the one hand, these mirrors create the illusion of more space, and on the other, their decorative borders enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal. It’s win-win! A large mirror can also be the focal point of your bedroom if placed in such a way that it is the first thing you notice when you walk into your room.

  1. Extra Layers for Your Bed

Even if you don’t require the extra sheets, adding layers to your bed will take it from 0 to 60 on the aesthetic metre — pretty fast! While there are various ways to make your bed up using layers, it’s important that your choice of textures and colours/patterns complement each other. The key is to keep it simple so that your bed looks classy and cozy, not chaotic and gaudy!

  1. Light Up the Right Spaces

Whether it’s natural light or artificial light, make sure that it falls in the right places. For natural light coming through your windows, highlight a group of low-maintenance indoor plants to add some raw, natural beauty to your bedroom. Either way, many types of plants need sunlight to grow healthily! Artificial lights, on the other hand, need to be placed strategically where every part of the bedroom can be lit up. In order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom when the lights are switched on, certain aspects of the room should be highlighted; for example, the bed, a piece of artwork, a wall mural, etc.  

  1. Be Selective and Limited with Wall Hangings

As we mentioned earlier, having too much going on in terms of bedroom décor is never appealing. This is a common mistake made by many homeowners when using wall hangings to decorate their bedroom. Therefore, it’s advisable to be more selective with your choice of wall hangings and ensure that there aren’t too many pieces cramping up your wall space. Consider one or two large pieces or simply dedicate one bedroom wall to artwork or photographs.

  1. Match Your Drapes to Your Bed Covers

One of the best ways to make your bedroom interiors ‘pop’ is by matching your window drapes to your bed covers. The way colours or patterns harmonise is easily one of the most appealing aspects of a bedroom (this is particularly true when it comes to your curtains and bed layers). Choosing textures/colours/patterns that match, can bring the entire bedroom together and make for a stunning visual!

So, if you’ve ever wondered how to make your bedroom more appealing, now you know just what to do!

Karen Saunders


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