Spring Cleaning Challenge – 6 Days That Will Transform Your Home!


The words ‘spring cleaning’ can be rather scary for some homeowners. If you haven’t decluttered your home recently, there will be plenty of it to clear out from around the house while you deep clean each room. What’s more, this is the time when you finally get down to cleaning those commonly overlooked areas of your home. Yes, it’s not an easy process and it cannot be achieved overnight. However, the one thing that will keep you motivated through all of this is the incredible end result!

Lucky enough, all it takes is 6 days (or lesser if you have a small house) to transform your home into the spotless and clutter-free living space you’ve been longing for! With our 6-day spring cleaning challenge, you will be able to deep clean your home in the most systematic and practical manner. Best of all, the results are so satisfying! So, let’s get started, shall we?

Pre-Spring Cleaning Things to do:

Before you can begin spring cleaning your home, make sure that you are fully equipped to take on the challenge! Gather up boxes to fill up with old clothes and other items for goodwill; a bunch of trash bags for any rubbish that has been accumulating over the past year; all the cleaning tools and products needed for deep cleaning; a trusty notepad and pen to write down things to do and things that have been completed; and finally, round up some extra pairs of hands because you’re going to need help! Now, that you’re prepared, it’s time to get on with the spring cleaning challenge!

Day 1

Depending on how many rooms you have in your home, you can get quite a bit of decluttering and spring cleaning done on day 1. Regardless of your home’s size, however, we advise starting with bedrooms. If you’ve got family members helping out, assign two people to one room and start spring cleaning as follows:

  • Pull out clothes and shoes that you no longer use and put them in a box for goodwill
  • Clear out dressers and storage drawers; this is where you’ll find a lot of unwanted junk collected
  • Clear tables and shelves; put away any items left out of place
  • Clean from top to bottom – remove cobwebs; clean ceiling fans; wipe on top of cabinets/closets and other furniture; dust light fixtures and walls; etc
  • Wash the windows
  • Clean under beds
  • Use a disinfectant to wipe down switch boards, doorknobs, etc
  • Dust furniture
  • Sweep/vacuum and mop floors
  • Change bed linen and curtains

Day 2

After the bedrooms have gotten a much needed deep clean, move to the kitchen. Here, you’re likely to find food stains and grease spots in places you’ve been overlooking for far too long! Again, this is a two-people job; however, if you can get more hands on board, the better! Before you begin, put on a pair of rubber gloves and follow the steps below:

  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling corners and around cabinets
  • Clean out the fridge; dispose of any expired products or spoiled foods
  • Clean kitchen cabinets (inside and outside), shelves and other storage spaces
  • Deep clean appliances such as the microwave, gas stove, oven, coffee machine, etc
  • Wipe cabinet tops and wall fixtures
  • Clean windows/doors
  • Scrub backsplash tiles, kitchen sink and faucets
  • Wipe down switch boards and knobs/handles with a disinfectant
  • Clean the counters; get rid of any clutter on these surfaces
  • Sweep/vacuum and mop the floors

NOTE: You will have to turn off and defrost your refrigerator well in advance before cleaning it.

Day 3

By day 3, you will really feel like you’ve made progress and be eager to get on with the rest of your spring cleaning! Use this day to clean the dining room and miscellaneous areas such as stairways, hallways, etc. For the former, here’s how to begin:

  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling corners
  • Clean ceiling fans, light fixtures and walls
  • Clear shelves and table tops by removing any clutter; be sure to do away with things that are no longer of value to you
  • Sort through items in storage spaces such as cabinets and drawers; you can free up space to store items that are typically left lying around
  • Wash windows
  • Deep clean the dining table by removing all the contents and giving it a good wipe down with an appropriate cleaner
  • Clean the chairs and upholstery (if any)
  • Dust other furniture pieces and miscellaneous items such as artwork, vases, switch boards, etc
  • Sweep/vacuum and mop floors

Day 4

It’s time to clean the place where you entertain guests and spend a lot of time lazing around on the couch – the living room, of course! It’s typically one of the easier rooms to clean; however, spring cleaning involves a lot more than your average cleaning tasks. Here’s a look at what you need to do:

  • Get rid of clutter; pick up things that don’t belong in the living room and store them away
  • Clean ceiling corners, fans and light fixtures
  • Move furniture away from the walls and clean behind and on top of them; remove cobwebs around the pieces
  • Dust the walls (including wall-hanging ornaments) and wipe down switch boards
  • Wipe shelves, tables and other furniture
  • Wash windows
  • Clean upholstery or replace cushion covers and curtains
  • Sweep/vacuum and mop floors

Day 5

The last room(s) to clean is your bathroom. This shouldn’t take much time considering the fact that bathrooms are generally smaller than other rooms; however, they will need a deep clean. For a systematic approach to bathroom cleaning, do the following:

  • Pour a toilet cleaner into the bowl and allow it stand till you are ready to clean
  • Clear out any empty bottles/tubes and/or other disposables
  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings
  • Clean the medicine cabinet and other wall mounted fixtures including toothbrush holders, clothes hooks, etc
  • Wash the window(s)
  • Scrub the wall tiles
  • Clean the sink, faucets, shower head and other bathroom fittings
  • Finish off the toilet bowl cleaning; scrub the exteriors
  • Scrub the tub/shower area (clean grout lines)
  • Wash the bathroom floor

Day 6

By far the best and easiest day of spring cleaning! This day is used for any small, odd cleaning jobs that you may have overlooked, as well as going over the basics of home cleaning; i.e. dusting, sweeping/vacuuming and mopping. Typically, this will take a couple of hours before you can look around and say that your 6-day spring cleaning challenge is complete!

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