How to Make Your Interior Décor Suit Your Personality


Interior decoration is one of the most exciting things to do for your home! Right from the wall colours, to the textiles you choose; interior décor is something you can be creative with and alter to suit your personality and unique style. With that said, the possibilities and ideas are endless; therefore, it can be rather overwhelming for a homeowner to express their creativity and individuality through their home interiors. For those of you who know the struggle, Simply Maid is here to help you make the right decisions!

Once you understand the basics of interior décor, you will be able to choose colours and styles that don’t clash, but rather complement each other. So, let your creative juices start flowing as you learn how to express your personality through these simple interior designing tips. Read on!

1. Wall Colours

If you visit a paint shop and ask for a colour catalogue, the numerous shades will leave you in a tizzy! There are so many awesome colours and tones to choose from but you can’t pick them all. While you can mix and match, we find it helpful to look up colour schemes online which can be used as a reference when purchasing paints. More often than not, the wall colours you desire don’t look as good as you thought they might once your walls are covered in them; therefore, it’s best to look at pictures to get a better idea of what the finish product will look like.

Newline Painting, a leading interior house painting in Melbourne recommends that you look at the quality and type of paint that is being used. He states that something important to think about is that wall cleaning can become highly tedious and risky if the paint is of inferior quality.

The advantage of having a wide selection, however, is that it is easy stand out. Keep these basic rules of wall colours in mind when choosing yours:

  • Warm Tones (yellow to red hues; light brown and tans) – These are perfect for creating a homely, inviting atmosphere.
  • Cool Tones (blues to green) – Blue and green hues are more vibrant and certainly show your playful side.
  • Earthy Tones (dark brown shades, neutral greys, etc) – For sophisticated interior décor, earthy tones and dark shades are your best bet.

2. Style of Furniture

When you’re picking out your furniture, you have to keep a couple of things in mind: functionality, size, design and colour. Apart from this, you have to match your furniture to the rest of your interiors so that the room comes together in a way that enhances the theme (or in this case, expresses your personality).

Like wall paints, there are many different types and styles of furniture to choose from; hence, we advise keeping the following in mind:

  • Rustic/Wooden – If your walls are painted in warm tones, any type of wooden furniture will transform your interiors into a gorgeous, homely living space.
  • Modern/Eclectic/Contemporary – These furniture styles are best suited for cool coloured walls. Of course, the colour of your furniture pieces must be chosen in accordance with the colours of your walls to ensure that they don’t clash.
  • Traditional/Tuscan/Transitional – To complete your sophisticated interior décor, any of these furniture styles are a great choice. They complement earthy tones perfectly and exude class and elegance.

3. Textiles and Art Pieces

These are two, major aspects of interior decoration; in fact, with the right choice of style and colour, they can bring the rest of the room together to create a stunning, overall visual! Household textiles include curtains, cushions, bed linen, etc; while art pieces include traditional paintings, sculptures, framed photography, etc. Again, different colours and styles match certain types of interiors better than others; hence, it’s important to keep the colour of your walls and style of furniture in mind when selecting textiles and art pieces.

Take a look at the ideas below for a better understanding of what will work best for your interiors:

  • Vibrant and Playful – For those cool tones and modern furniture, we find that creative framed photography or funky artwork do a great job at bringing out your home’s unique style and your own playful side.
  • Warm and Cozy – To complete that homely atmosphere, clay sculptures or even pottery make great choices to complement your interiors. However, you needn’t overdo it with a large number of pieces, just a few placed in the right spaces are enough to tie the room together.
  • Classy and Sophisticated – You can’t go wrong with Renaissance paintings to complete your sophisticated interior décor. Of course, these paintings are rather loud and hence, are often the focal points of any room. If you choose to hang up a large painting, stick to one or two pieces per room (depending on the size of the room).
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