What’s In and What’s Out? The 2019 Kitchen Cabinet Trends


The beautification and renovation of kitchen areas and cabinets have been a major home improvement project for many homeowners nowadays. Back in 2018, the kitchen cabinet trend focused on the minimal application of accessories, ready-to-assemble cabinets and the use of wooden products and other appliances that add to its aesthetic appeal.

Well, if you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon, here are some 2019 kitchen cabinet trends that will surely revitalise your kitchen and create a beautiful space to complement the rest of your home!


There are a lot of countertop materials that come and go in the market, however, the popularity and demand for brilliant quartz finishes continue to grow.  Quartz finishes are in high demand for both, home and commercial use, and remain one of the most versatile materials around. Furthermore, quartz is durable since it has a hard surface that reflects excessive heat that can otherwise damage the entire material. This type of countertop is the best option for you to maintain the aesthetic appearance of your entire kitchen, especially when on a budget.

Colored Cabinetry

In 2019, many house owners are moving away from all white cabinetry and beginning to incorporate coloured cabinetry into their kitchen. Coloured cabinetry will not only give additional life to your kitchen, but it provides a timely and trendy appearance. For coloured cabinetry, using a deep green and grey-washed hue is currently in high demand. These hues will surely bring authentic beauty to your kitchen since it complements kitchen hardware and other contrasting materials perfectly!

Pink Hue Kitchen Cabinet

Most people think that pink kitchen cabinets are on their way out due to the sheer number of cabinet colours available nowadays. However, pink kitchen cabinets have managed to improve and reinvent themselves in 2019. Pink hues for kitchen cabinets bring a pleasant look to the entire kitchen and at the same time, it serves as a neutral hue for most kitchen appliances. For 2019, pink hue kitchen cabinets will bring an unexpected transformation to your kitchen areas that will surely satisfy you as a homeowner.

Smart Kitchen Cabinet

With the presence of advanced technology, it indeed helps people to enhance their daily lives and make certain tasks more manageable. With these new inventions, it is no surprise that kitchen cabinetry is on the list of enhancements. There are already plenty of features that technology offers for the improvement of kitchens such as remote light controls and smart screen display in your fridge. We cannot deny that high tech kitchen cabinets and hardware are very beneficial when compared to traditional ones.

Black and Gold Design

Homeowners are generally looking for a simple yet exquisite design for their kitchen cabinets, and black and gold designs are one of the best choices! This colour combination is timeless in terms of appearance and adds elegance to any kitchen appliance, design, and pattern. Kitchen cabinets painted with black along with gold-copper accents will inevitably be an eye-catching addition to your home.

Moody Colors

Most trend experts agree that dark colours are indeed making a significant comeback for 2019 since many homeowners are starting to move away from typical gray shades and light hues for kitchen cabinets. Homeowners are now more into dark tones for kitchen cabinets, paired with gold fixtures and hardware. Forest green and pure black are also trending in 2019, along with modern designs such as patterned walls and high tech appliances. Moreover, darker tones do not show dirt and grease on your kitchen cabinets very easily.

Glass Shelves

Most of the ready to assemble kitchen cabinets available in the market come with fixed designs and sizes; however, nowadays, you can renovate and recreate your kitchen cabinet depending on your style and taste. One of the trending ideas for the renovation of your kitchen cabinets this 2019 is glass shelving. A glass shelf offers a sophisticated alternative to any type of wooden shelving while being much easier to maintain and clean. They also look more luxurious and elegant compared to common wooden products available on the market today.

Matte Black

Matte black is considered to be very classy and trendy for kitchen cabinets since it is a colour that many least expect to see in a kitchen. It has a rich and elegant appearance and makes cleaning your kitchen cabinets rather quick and easy. The popularity of matte black is gradually growing owing to its dramatic statement and effortless elegance that pulls the kitchen together. It also adds a beautiful contrast between your kitchen cabinetry and spotless kitchen appliances/accessories.

Whether you are purchasing new kitchen cabinets or refurbishing your current ones, the ideas above are sure to help you make the best choice for your kitchen. There are also plenty of hardware options and appliances that you can choose to complement your kitchen cabinetry that will truly enhance the beauty of your home, and more importantly, help you keep up with the best 2019 kitchen cabinet trends!

Karen Saunders


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