Things to Consider When You Move in Together


After deciding to move in with your partner, you are probably drowning in to-do lists and spending countless hours on Pinterest planning the design of your future home. While you are in the midst of being inspired by online influencers and packing up your belongings, you may have a few questions coming to mind about moving in with your partner for the first time, and the challenges it may bring. It’s completely natural to have a few reservations about sharing a space with your partner and taking your relationship to a new level, but here are a few tips that will put you at ease and boost your confidence as you make this exciting transition with your significant other!

How should I approach finances with my partner?

When it comes to discussing finances with your partner things can get tricky, but as your relationship moves forward and you share groceries, monthly bills and budgets, talking over your financial situation is crucial. If you aren’t sure how to approach the conversation, mention to your partner that you should walk through a budget planner together to make sure that you account for all the utilities and amenities in your new space. This can lead to a bigger conservation about how you will be splitting your bills and who will be responsible for each of the expenses. Financial stress can put a lot of strain on a relationship, so be sure that both you and your partner are in the right place financially to merge lifestyles.

How do we decide on decor and furnishings?

After you decide on your space, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by seemingly endless interior design trends. The decor and design of your apartment will be what makes it a home for both you and your significant other. Never assume that your partner doesn’t care about the design choices in your shared space, and be sure to take their style ideas into consideration with an open mind.

Before you can design your new space, the first thing you should do is declutter and donate any furniture, appliances, or decorations that you no longer need. This might mean getting rid of the tired sofa you have had since college, in order to make room for something that fits this new season of your relationship, like a matching family room set that compliments your new space. If you are both strong willed about the type of design that you like, don’t be afraid to meet with an interior designer. There are many ways to mix and match styles and furniture pieces, and chatting with a professional will help your place come together with both your tastes in mind.

Should we talk about cleanliness before we move in?

Before settling in to your new space, discuss housework, chores and other expectations on how you will keep your space organized and clean. Combining two separate lifestyles into one is a learning experience, so you’ll want to be honest with your partner about how you like your space to be kept, and the chores you prefer to do. During busy months or before you move into your new space, you might want to consider hiring a cleaning service to avoid clutter, stress or an argument. While it’s important to let your partner know when their habits are bothering you, it’s also important to have patience and understanding as you adjust to each other’s quirks and routines. Approach these conversations without confrontation or passive aggression, and don’t keep your grievances bottle up. Open communication is key to avoiding conflict, and will put you and your partner on the same page going forward. Likewise, if your partner wants to discuss one of your habits that may be bothering them, do your best to be respectful of their feelings. There will be a few growing pains, but addressing expectations early on will set you up for success for the road ahead!

Karen Saunders


  1. Moving together is a big step forward in any relationship. The most important thing for a successful relationship is communication. What you have written in this post is key for living together in harmony.


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