There’s a Little Bit of Everything in These Top 9 Aussie Mum Blogs to Follow!


When we say there are thousands upon thousands of online blogs out there, we mean you should take those numbers and multiply by them by another thousand! Today, you can find blogs written on virtually any topic that comes to mind, authored by people from around the world. But what about the bloggers right here in Australia? Yes, our awesome Aussies are quite the bloggers with hundreds of followers from all over the world.

What do you look for in a blog before you click that follow button? Well, for us it’s a combination of things; inspirational stories, humour, informative content, delicious homemade recipes, great stories, life lessons, household tips, etc. We happily found all of these things (and more!) on some really fantastic mummy blogs! So we’ve put together (in no particular order) 9 of the best Aussie mum blogs for you to start following today!

1. “Planning with Kids” by Nicole 

A mother to four sons and one daughter, in her blog she covers pretty much every aspect of daily family life including everyday responsibilities, meal planning, chores schedule, outings and playtime. She believes (and actually proves) that having a daily plan in place is the difference between being a flustered, frustrated and overwhelmed parent, and one who has the kids and household under control. She also manages to squeeze in the added perk of some you time, thanks to her perfect planning. All in all, there are some really great tips and ideas shared on Planning with Kids that many Aussie mums would find useful.

2. ‘Move, Fuel, Love” by Sarah

This one is great for expectant mums and the health-conscious mummies! Sarah, a midwife and registered nurse, is a mum to 6 lovely kids who she raises with her husband Brad. There are a lot of posts dedicated to her personal experiences with water-birth deliveries and pregnancy tips. In fact, Sarah started out the blog solely as a pregnancy blog, but today, she shares a lot of useful information on running, fitness and healthy eating.

3. “Mummy to Twins” by Suzanne

The name of the blog was recently changed to Mummy to Twins Plus One after the birth of Suzanne’s son. Now a mother of three, Suzanne has worked as a producer for many websites. Her blog is insightful and inspirational, speaking about life as a mother, sharing great personal stories and building a wonderful community for parents of twins. One must-read article by Suzanne is Making a Safer World for Kids’; this particular post went viral on the internet!

4. “My Mummy Daze” by Fi 

For the overwhelmed mum who needs to be reminded that motherhood is indeed challenging and the emotional rollercoaster she’s on is normal, My Mummy Daze’ gives mummy readers a sense of comfort and guidance. It’s almost like a support group for mums. Fi is very honest in her writing; she confesses to suffering from depression and anxiety, yet openly shares her story on how she copes with it all.

5. “365 Days – A Diary of a Newly Single Mum” by Naomi

One of the most inspiring mummy blogs we could find; Naomi started this blog after her husband left her to take his extramarital affair with Naomi’s best friend to the next level. Shocked and devastated, she was left to raise their 4-month-old son as a single mum. She gave herself an entire year to grieve for which she made a daily entry, hence the name of the blog. Not only does she use this platform to share her healing process, she enlightens other single mums on how to cope with the struggle and truly sends out a glimmer of hope to those suffering a loss of any kind.

6. “MammaJoy” by Amanda

With her fun, quirky take on the most mundane things as a stay-at-home mummy, Amanda sure knows how to keep you entertained and inspired with stories about her five wonderful children and how she battled Post-Natal Depression. With MammaJoy you learn to live for the day and be grateful for all that is good in your life.

7. “Adriel Booker” by Adriel

A very powerful and motivational blog, this one! Adriel, a bright and spiritual mother of two, is the woman behind Love A Mama Collective, a community devoted to bringing women from developing countries together for maternal health initiatives. Her blog is tailored to specific topics like women’s issues, parenting, maternal information, theology, current affairs and more. It’s great blog to follow to stay in touch with world events and heighten your knowledge on women’s issues.

8. “The Organised Housewife” by Katrina

This one’s all about how to keep your home organised and make some tasty treats! Katrina, a mum of three, tells you about her early (not so organised) days and how she manages to keep the chaos in check! Using daily routines and charts, Katrina helps other mummies adapt and stick to schedules that keep a household with little kids in order. What’s more, she shares a lot of awesome, easy-to-make recipes on the blog!

9. “Laughing Kids Learn” by Kate 

As the name suggests, this mummy blog is tailored to provide ideas on how to make learning fun for kids, while effectively getting the most out of study/learning time. Mummy Kate previously worked as a primary school teacher so she definitely knows what she’s talking about. Give this one a read; surely you’ll find some great ideas to implement into your child’s learning to reduce the stress, increase the learning and guarantee some fun!

Aussie mums are doing wonders as responsible, hardworking mothers with a knack for blogging! We are always inspired by them and happy to offer cleaning aid and assistance to lessen the daily burdens they bear. At Simply Maid, we can take care of all household cleaning requirements, just give us a call or book us online. It only takes 60 seconds and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our affordable rates!

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