Spruce Up Your Patio in the Simplest Ways!


A patio that isn’t cleaned and maintained regularly, quickly turns into a dirty, drab looking outdoor space. With dust everywhere and dried up leaves in the corner, the lack of motivation to spruce up your patio, coupled with budget concerns, sees this once vibrant, outdoor area slowly depreciate before your very eyes. But what if we told you that you could revamp your patio with just a few, simple measures?Spruce Up Your Patio in the Simplest Ways!

That’s correct; you don’t need a big budget or major changes to breathe new life into an old, shabby patio. With Simply Maid’s inexpensive, easy-to-incorporate ideas, you’ll be spending a lot more time outside your door with family and friends! Read on!

  1. Spray Paint Old Patio Furniture

All you need are a few cans of spray paint to renew your old patio furniture. If the pieces are too worn out, consider buying secondhand backyard furniture which can be restored with fresh paint to look as good as new! Used furniture and spray paint don’t cost much and really liven up a patio! As an alternative to buying, ask friends and neighbours if they have old furniture pieces that they are looking to get rid of.

  1. Pick a Round Table

In terms of practicality, appearance and functionality, round tables are a much better option for outdoor spaces. Particularly for smaller patios, accommodating a square or rectangular table tends to make the entire space look too cramped up. Apart from this, round tables are more visually appealing and accommodate more people without pointy edges getting in the way!

  1. Little Lights over Fancy Fixtures

From string lights to small globe bulbs; there are plenty of inexpensive lighting options for outdoor use to choose from. Regardless of what ambience you wish to set for your patio, you will be able to find a suitable lighting option to go with it! For anyone that isn’t looking to make their patio a flashy outdoor space, look for warm, cozy lights that are bright enough to illuminate the area yet dim enough to create a homely, welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Get More Plants!

Whether they are planted in the ground, potted on the floor or creeping up the walls, plants are a must for every patio! They add to the aesthetics of an area while benefiting the environment and your health! Again, adding plants to your patio is very cheap (or free if you uproot a couple of wild plants growing in an open space). Yes, they are available in an endless variety of species and large numbers! Don’t be afraid to get carried away with how many plants you add to your patio space; the more, the healthier!

  1. Clean and Buff the Floors

A thorough cleanse of your patio floors can instantly revitalise it! Depending on the type of flooring you have installed outside, you will need to purchase suitable cleaners or simply make a homemade solution for the job. It may take a little while but after a thorough, deep clean, the results will amaze you! There are plenty of articles online to help you find a suitable cleaning method and solution for hardwood, porcelain, concrete and other types of patio flooring.

  1. Add Some Colour

Your choice of cushions, table runners and drapes (if any) should add colour to your patio. Pick colours that blend/complement the furniture, plants and lighting (it’s not that hard, just avoid very bright or fluorescent shades). Similarly, other patio accessories like umbrellas, table décor and wall fixtures can be colour coordinated with the rest of the patio. To help narrow down your options, pick a colour theme and work it into your patio starting with the cushions.

  1. Wind Chimes: Easy on the Eyes and Ears!

To complete your patio makeover, allow for some calming sounds to be incorporated with pretty wind chimes! They can be tied to a tree or hung from the roof; wherever you choose, make sure that they are close enough for you to hear (even faint, chiming sounds can be relaxing). What’s more, they are pretty to look at and do well to enhance the overall appearance and ambience!

So, before you give up on your abandoned patio, consider bringing it back to life with these simple, cost-effective tips!

Karen Saunders


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