Post-Vacation: 6 Things to Get Cracking on When You Come Home!

Post-Vacation: 6 Things to Get Cracking on When You Come Home!

It’s always tough to shift gears and get back to a normal routine after a fun filled trip away from home. For most, going back to work and falling into a daily, mundane pattern is dreadful, yet necessary! After all, it’s your job that paid for your vacation, wasn’t it?!

So, what’s the first thing that you do when you come home after an awesome vacation? Be a couch potato for a day or two? Hit the ground running and function on the adrenaline still pumping from the trip? Well, the truth is that everyone has their own way of dealing with post-vacay blues; however, that shouldn’t take away from the responsibilities that one needs to attend to as soon as they get back. With that said, let’s look at some of the most important things to do at home after spending time away from it.

  1. Do a Quick House Inspection

Take a walk around your house and inspect each room including the bathrooms. Make sure that everything is just the way you left it without any evidence of unusual activity while you’ve been away. Also, inspect your plumbing and electricity to ensure that there are no problems there. A house that is locked up for too long is prone to mould, cobwebs and even vermin infestation, hence, it’s important to do a thorough inspection and enlist the help of a professional, if needed.

  1. Check the Fridge!

If you’ve been away for a long period of time, chances are that your refrigerator was cleaned out and left off; in this case, you may give it a quick wipe down and switch it back on. If it has been running the entire time that you’ve been away, check each item/product inside for spoilage or expiration. It’s important to have your fridge up and running because you’re likely to be ordering in for a day or two and you’ll need it to store the leftovers! Moreover, a trip to the supermarket is inevitable to stock up on groceries and other food products.

  1. Clean the Place Up

Naturally, your furniture and floors will collect dust and dirt, while your bathrooms may be covered in water spots from the time you last showered there. Even if you’ve left your home in a clean condition, don’t expect it to stay that way! It will need to be sanitised before you get back to your regular routine by simply by going back to the basics – dust>sweep>mop. Your bathroom and kitchen space will require a deeper cleanse because these are two areas of your home that demand good hygiene!

  1. Respond to Mail

Whether it’s in your mailbox or on your computer; ‘you’ve got mail’! While you’re on vacation, your inbox (or mailbox) is likely to get cluttered with a lot of unwanted mails (or ‘junk mail’) and perhaps, a couple of important ones. Make sure you sort through your mail sooner than later and respond to the ones classified as ‘high priority’. While you’re at it, delete or discard the unwanted mails before they accumulate to the point of no return!

  1. Unpack!

Don’t continue to live out of a suitcase when you’re back from your vacation! A lot of people dislike unpacking and hence, sleep over it for days on end! Not only does unpacking seem less appealing when you wait too long to do it, but it also means that there are (possibly) dirty clothes just rotting away in your bags! So, before things get nasty, we suggest you start unpacking as soon as possible!  

  1. Let Your Body Rest

Once you’ve taken care of your post-vacation, household responsibilities, allow your body to rest and recuperate. The last thing you want is to have to drag yourself back to work without having enough time to recover from an action packed vacation. It’s hard to be productive or even think clearly when your body is giving up on you so, be sure to give yourself a break before it’s time to get back to the grind!

Just like having a handy list of things to do before a vacation, it’s important to know what you need to do after one as well. With the list above, you can rest assured that your top priorities will be taken care of before you ease into life after your vacation!

Karen Saunders

Content Manager at Simply Maid
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Karen Saunders
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