Keeping Your Home Clean and Tidy with a House Guest


While a house guest brings about a nice change from the usual, mundane daily routine, it also keeps you on your toes where maintaining cleanliness and order is concerned. Of course, it can be rather tricky to keep things in tip top condition when you’ve got a guest staying in your house; you feel rather awkward to clean in front of them while you try your level best to keep them happy and entertained for their entire stay.

Playing the perfect host to a house guest doesn’t only involve spending as much time with them as possible and being hospitable, but also keeping your home in a “presentable” condition. This means stain-free floors, dust-free furniture, clean and sanitary bathrooms, etc. Now, the question is how do you go about all of this while keeping your guest entertained? Read on to find out!

1. Start Your Day Before They Start Theirs

The best way to get on top of things is to start your day earlier than they do. You can use this time in the morning to ensure that bathroom floors are clean, the toilet bowl is stain-free and the shower and sink are clean. If needed, you can use some quick cleaning methods that don’t involve wetting the entire bathroom but certainly get the job done! For the sink, make a solution of white vinegar and water (equal parts) with a few drops of lemon juice and pour it into a spray can. Spritz the sink and faucet with this homemade cleanser and give them a quick wipe down with a clean scrubber. Similarly, you can make a solution of floor cleaner and water in a bottle and sprinkle it over stains before brushing them away!

2. Dust Surfaces When They Aren’t in the Room

If they’re reading the newspaper or watching television in the sitting room, use this time to wipe furniture in other rooms. As long as they are preoccupied with someone or something, this is the best time to get some cleaning done. For quick and efficient dusting, use microfibre cloths and a minimal amount of furniture polish. One quick swipe and your furniture will be dust free for the rest of the day!

3. Vacuum While They Bathe

Vacuuming while your house guest is asleep is inconsiderate while vacuuming when they’re in the room can be considered impolite. So, the best time to clean your floors is when your house guest takes a shower. You may not have much time for the job but think of it this way; daily vacuuming means there won’t be much dirt or debris on your floors, making them quick and easy to clean!

4. Clean the Guest Bathroom Then Shower in it!

This makes a lot of sense because you won’t be wasting time in cleaning one bathroom and showering in another. Just be sure to have all the cleaning tools and cleaners you need before you go in. It’s also a good idea to shower before your guest does so that they have a clean bathroom to bathe in! Do this about an hour before their usual “bath time” so that the bathroom has enough time to air out and dry.

5. Do Dishes After Every Meal

Allowing your dirty dishes to pile up doesn’t look very nice in the eyes of a house guest. Here’s what we suggest: plug the sink, pour some liquid detergent in and fill it up with water before you all sit down for a meal. Once everyone has finished, place the dirty dishes inside and start wrapping up the leftovers. After that, drain the sink and start scrubbing; you’ll be amazed at how much quicker and effortlessly you can clean dishes because of the soaking time!

6. “When Do I Clean the Guest Room?”

Good question. The best time to do this is when they are making conversation with other family members or simply watching TV. Of course, it’s common courtesy to let them know that you’re going to clean up before you start. When cleaning, avoid moving their things around too much and stick to the basics – dusting, vacuuming and mopping.

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