How to Get Your House Ready for the Holidays


2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least. We’ve learned the real value of good health and spending time with loved ones, among many other life lessons. In short, 2020 has taught us about the more important things in life.

Perhaps, after everything that’s happened this year, the Holidays will hold that much more meaning among people. With that said, just like any other year, preparing for the Holidays entails a thorough, Spring-like cleaning procedure in order to get your home ready for the forthcoming celebrations. In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic which will very likely continue to affect the lives of many across the world even in 2021, these trying times call for a cozy, intimate family gathering for the Holidays. 

Now, the question is – can you pull off the Christmas cleaning miracle? Well, with this guide on how to get your house ready for the Holiday season, you can! Let’s take a look at the most important things you need to do in order to achieve this.

1. Stay Ahead of Clutter

This time of year sees a lot of people shopping for a variety of things which, more often than not, are bought online; this means plenty of empty packaging and boxes left lying around until after the return or replacement period has ended. Of course, it is likely that other forms of clutter need tackling too, therefore, it’s important to get ahead of decluttering your home before the Holidays. 

To make this task easier on yourself, limit the number of rooms you declutter per day. For larger or more cluttered spaces, give yourself more time to sort and organise items. A very important tip to keep in mind when it comes to getting rid of clutter from your home is to be logical about what stays and what goes. Embrace the spirit of giving by donating things you no longer use or need to the less fortunate.

2. Clean out the Fridge

With lots of home-cooked meals and sweet treats being prepared, you’re going to need adequate space to store leftovers. Moreover, this is a time when you will realise the blessing that is a clean and organised fridge

So, first things first; turn off and unplug the refrigerator. After about an hour or two, take out the contents and sort through them. Pay attention to expiration dates and/or funky smelling leftovers; dispose of them accordingly. Before you organise the rest of the contents, clean the fridge + deep freeze, ensuring that all the grime and stains are removed. After a final wipe down, allow the interiors to air out and dry before closing the door and turning the fridge back on. Finish off by putting everything back inside in an organised manner and you’re done!

3. Dust Walls and Ceilings

One of the reasons for cleaning your walls and ceilings before the Holidays is to have a dust-free surface to put up decorations. The primary reason, however, should be centred around eliminating dust particles and dirt. More importantly, if you have mouldy interior walls, this can easily cause health problems and allergic reactions, particularly among household members with compromised immunity.

Although it may seem like a lot of work, it’s actually quite simple to dust your walls and ceilings. A long-handled broom should be your cleaning tool of choice while removing mould from walls/ceilings will require a ladder, clean cloths, and some household products such as white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. 

4. Purge Your Closet

Whether you are going to buy new clothes in the near future or not, this is a good time to get rid of items you aren’t using anymore. Again, in the spirit of giving, look up organisations in your locality that could do with used clothing, and donate these unwanted items to them. Similarly, shoes, scarves, hats, and other accessories can also be given away if you know in your heart that you are never going to use them again. 

A good tip to go about this in a systematic manner would be to keep two boxes on standby; one will be used to collect the clothes that will be donated to the less privileged while the other will hold worn or unusable items. The latter pile can be donated to animal shelters or given to someone that is willing to upcycle the items. Believe it or not, getting rid of clothes and organising your closet can yield some of the most satisfying results!

5. Deep Clean Kitchen Cabinets

A lot of homeowners choose to use the ‘expensive’ dishware during the Holiday season, especially at dinner parties or family gatherings. Well, if you’ve been storing all your dishware in your kitchen cabinets, you might want to clean and reorganise the space for easy access to these precious items. 

Apart from this, most homeowners don’t take the time to clean inside their kitchen cabinets and instead, hire a professional deep cleaning service to do it for them. While that’s still an option, if you choose to do it yourself, you will be able to reorganise the cabinets as per your convenience. Also, if any of the dishware is dusty or dirty, this will be an ideal time to wash and dry them before putting them away.

6. Clean Upholstered Furniture

Think about the last time you cleaned your upholstery or had it done professionally; now consider the fact that cleaning upholstered furniture is something that should be done every other month in order to remove dirt and bacteria. Couches and chairs, in particular, harbour dirt and germs which not only dull the fabric but leave the material feeling grimy too. 

To clean your household upholstery, start by vacuuming every inch of the fabric as thoroughly as possible. This initial step alone will make the material appear cleaner. To get rid of couch stains and dirt from other upholstery, you will need to use specific cleaning agents as per the fabric’s washing instructions. Bear in mind that you should not soak certain fabrics as moisture may weaken the material. Once cleaned, let the upholstery dry as quickly as possible by increasing ventilation in the room.

7. Deep Clean Bathrooms

You know all those little things you overlook when cleaning the bathroom? This Holiday season, why not make an effort to make a habit out of deep cleaning your bathrooms? One of the benefits of doing this is that the more often you deep clean all these neglected areas of your bathroom, the less likely they are to NEED frequent deep cleaning.

So, what are you missing out on when cleaning your bathroom? Find out below.

      • Medicine cabinet (top and interior)
      • Shower door/curtain
      • Tile grout
      • Behind the toilet bowl
      • Underneath the sink
      • Showerhead
      • Window sill
      • Exhaust fan
      • Wall hooks/towel holders 
      • Vanity drawers
      • Wall tiles
      • Ceiling 
      • Light fixture(s)

It’s important to note that every home has a unique bathroom and therefore, may include other areas or items that require a good scrubbing, too. It is advisable to look around your bathroom and make a note of all the things you haven’t cleaned in a while for a truly thorough, top-to-bottom deep clean of the space.

The key to getting your house ready for the Holidays is to get a headstart on the preparations. Secondly, knowing what and how to clean specific areas/things in your home will not only make the process easier but successful too! Use the guide above to make your 2020 Holiday season more peaceful and enjoyable with a clean and organised home.

Karen Saunders


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