DIY Painting – How to Make Drab Wooden Furniture Look Fab!

DIY Painting – How to Make Drab Wooden Furniture Look Fab!

As we grow older, so does our furniture! Of course, signs of aging become evident at various stages of your wooden furniture’s life; however, it’s inevitable. It all starts with a little peeling of the finish here, some scratches there, and before you know it, your favourite wooden furniture pieces have gone from fab to drab!

So, how do you reverse the transition without needing a time machine?! Well, it takes a simple do-it-yourself project to transform an old piece of furniture into a beautiful, fresh one! Lucky for you, we’re sharing a DIY guide to help you do just that! It’s a fun process and, if followed to a tee, the end product is guaranteed to amaze you and your guests!

Before we get started, here’s a list of things you’ll need for revamping your old wooden furniture:

  • Sandpaper
  • Mild Detergent
  • Rags/Cloths
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paint Tray/Mixing Bucket
  • Drop Cloths

Depending on how large the furniture piece you are working on is, you may want to do this outdoors or in your garage. If you’re working indoors, clear the area and lay down your drop cloths so that you have enough space to move around freely and avoid making a mess of anything else! Removing paint stains from your carpet can be a real task!

Now, let’s begin!

Step One: Sand the Wood

This is one of the most crucial steps because the surface needs to be properly prepared in order to get a desired paint finish. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to strip off the existing finish/varnish using sandpaper. Start from a top corner and work your way to the other side before sanding down lower sections of the furniture. This may take a while but it is imperative that you do this thoroughly to achieve a smooth finish.

Step Two: Clean the Surface

To clean your wooden furniture, wipe the piece thoroughly with a dry rag to remove dust and debris caused by sanding of the wood. Next, make a solution of mild detergent and water; soak and wring a clean cloth in this mixture and wipe over the furniture piece. Pay attention to any stains which can be removed using slight pressure and minimal scrubbing. Once you’ve cleaned the surface, allow it to dry completely. You can speed things up by placing the piece of furniture out in the sun or leaving it overnight under a running ceiling fan.

Step Three: Apply Primer

The foundation of every good paint finish is an excellent prime job! When buying primer, be sure to specify that you are using it for wood; the experts generally advise using latex primer along with latex or semi-gloss paints. Picking the right type of primer and paint is important if you want a smooth, long-lasting finish. For the application, use a paint brush and apply the primer as evenly as possible (one coat is enough). Do this carefully to avoid leaving gaps between strokes. Allow the primer to dry up completely before painting the surface.

Step Four: Paint!

Here’s where the fun begins – painting! Take your chosen paint and pour a small amount of it into a paint tray or mixing bucket. Regardless of whether the paint requires mixing or not, it’s advisable to use paint in small amounts outside of the tin. This is done to preserve the remaining paint inside the tin and avoid thickening. Use a clean, dry paint brush for the job (double check that the primer is dry before you begin). While painting is the most fun part throughout the process, it’s also the make or break step in this DIY project! Avoid painting hastily or applying a thick layer of paint to the surface. Instead, remove excess paint from the brush and apply it evenly with slow-medium paced strokes.

Step Five: Final Touches

After the paint has had enough time to dry, you can get creative with your new, fab looking wooden furniture! Consider adding (painted) borders or stencils to give the piece more pizzazz. Of course, if you’re looking to keep things simple, perhaps a coat of varnish will suffice to keep the finish intact and vibrant for years to come!

The best thing about revamping old, worn out furniture is that it doesn’t cost much and yet, looks priceless! it’s also one of the simpler ways to decorate home interiors without having to bring in something new. So, go ahead and follow Simply Maid’s guide above to make your drab wooden furniture look fab!

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