How Decluttering Your House Will Improve The Quality of Your Life

How Decluttering Your House Will Improve The Quality of Your Life

We’re sure you’ve heard of the expression, less is more. Well, you’re proud to say that this quote has never been truer than at this point in time.

With so advertising companies constantly trying to push us to buy the new and shiniest objects in the market, the majority of us will often find ourselves with an abundance of goods that we no longer need in our lives.

Decluttering things that no longer provide genuine value in your life is key ensuring that you maintain a high quality of life.

Houses cluttered up with rubbish and junk, rooms that are too tight to even fit into and backyards that are piled up with endless trash that could be confused with dumpsters.

Our friends over at Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal have provided some tips to help combat this! Here’s top 3 ways you can quickly declutter and improve the overall quality of life in your household. Keep reading!

Take removal action and don’t procrastinate

Throwing away belongings can sometimes be hard. We understand that. The thought of throwing away something that previously held great value is tough – especially if it reminds you of a particular memory or person. However, that’s the challenge that will need to be overcome in order to successfully declutter.

If you no longer think that it will provide value or you will not use it anymore, then throw it out. Don’t think about it and as Nike says, just do it!

Schedule regular weekly cleaning routines

Let’s face it, for most of us cleaning is boring and insanely time-consuming. However, in order to live the highest quality of life in your household, it must be done.

We suggest keeping to a strict and regular cleaning routine for your home. This will give you constant opportunity to access what you need and what you need to be thrown out.

Stick to a weekly cleaning schedule and remain disciplined!

Hire a company rubbish removal

If you have large quantities of junk that you need to be thrown out then simply hire the rubbish removal experts. It’s hard to totally declutter in one go. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and hire the experts where possible.

Rubbish removal services can be more affordable than you think. And receiving the extra manpower may not be such a bad thing if you’re looking to remove things like large time bed frames and old furniture.


We hope you’ve genuinely found the tips above informative and helpful. For more pointers have a look at these 18 tips to declutter your home & space! Take action and declutter your way to a better quality of life.

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