Criteria for Choosing the Perfect Home Cleaning Service for You!


Although it seems like a simple decision to make, there are, in fact, some very important factors to consider when choosing a maid service. This is because there are a lot of cleaning companies out there that care more about making a fast buck and less about providing a satisfactory service. Therefore, the home cleaning service you choose to hire must be one that you can trust wholeheartedly; depend on whenever, wherever; and provide quality service for your home and family.

In order to make the right choice, there are certain criteria that a cleaning company must meet before homeowners can feel comfortable and confident in hiring them. Let’s look at these crucial factors to consider when choosing the perfect home cleaning service for you.

  1. Certified Cleaners

Unless the cleaning company you’re looking at works with certified cleaners, perhaps hiring them isn’t the best idea. You need to know that your home is in the right hands which means, certification in the cleaning industry and with the company is a must. This also ensures that the maids have been background checked and are worthy of working in the home cleaning business.

  1. References

The reassurance of having past customers of a cleaning service vouch for the company plays a huge role in one’s decision to hire them. From online customer reviews, to written recommendations; ask the cleaning company in question for references before you decide to hire them.

  1. Insurance

Insurance is extremely important when hiring a maid service because it protects your family and home against injury and damage to your property. Therefore, if a cleaning company does not carry insurance, it’s advised that you do not consider hiring them. Having insured and bonded cleaners in your home gives you the peace of mind that your family and home are not at risk in any way.

  1. Experience

Find out when the company was established and how long their cleaners have been working in the house cleaning industry to ensure that you are not leaving your home in inexperienced hands. The amount of training a cleaning staff has received also matters when looking to find a cleaning service that is 100% efficient and knowledgeable in going about home cleaning in a safe and timely manner. Ask for proof of their experience via certificates or cross-checks with past employers to be fully convinced of their abilities and work ethic.

  1. Equipment/Cleaning Products

The first question regarding cleaning equipment and products is whether or not the company provides them. If they do, the second question to ask pertains to the quality of the tools and cleaners. It’s important that your cleaning service uses sanitary and high quality cleaning tools to achieve desirable results, while the cleaning products should be child and pet safe. Harsh chemicals are not advised as they leave harmful residue on household surfaces which can linger for long periods of time. A cleaning service that uses eco-friendly cleaning products is typically the best way to go!

  1. Guarantee

It’s up to the cleaning company to convince you that you should hire them instead of their competitors. While it’s always nice to let the results speak for themselves, cleaning companies should have a guarantee to back their service so that customers are sure that they have nothing to lose. There are many professional cleaning services that offer to redo a cleaning session for free if the results aren’t up to the customer’s expectations, while some also offer full refunds if the service and results are not satisfactory. Therefore, it’s always best to hire a maid service that offers 100% customer satisfaction.

  1. Flexibility

Considering the fact that you have a unique schedule, home and family requirements, it certainly helps to have a home cleaning service that will be flexible with timings and schedules. You should also find out what days of the week they do not work (if any) and discuss your regular day-to-day routine with the company to work out a customised cleaning schedule that works for both parties.

  1. Types of Services

Find out exactly what types of cleaning services the company offers and if they do additional cleaning tasks upon request. Depending on what your home cleaning needs are, a cleaning company will typically tweak their service in order to meet them.

With this handy information in your pocket, the perfect maid service for you and your home will be a whole lot easier to find!

Karen Saunders


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