A Low-Effort Guide to Revitalising a Dreary Living Space

A Low-Effort Guide to Revitalising a Dreary Living Space

Our living spaces have a profound effect on both, our mental health and our outlook on life. In fact, one study done by the University of California found that people living in cluttered, disorganised living spaces had a 20 per cent increase in cortisol –  a steroid hormone produced in the body as a reaction to stress!

Therefore, finding ways to create rooms in our home which are a delight to enter and ones that will encourage us to sit and stay a while, goes beyond just aesthetic importance; in reality, it can directly impact our health and feelings of wellbeing.

Now, instead of embarking on a costly makeover, or hiring a pricey interior designer, there are many simple ways in which you can brighten and revitalise areas in your home without expending too much time, energy or money. Read on to find out how!

Simple Beginnings

It is impossible to overstate the dramatic effect decluttering and cleaning can make on a single room (or an entire house). The effect can not only be seen by the eye but the smell of freshness can have a powerful, positive impact on the senses.

The first step to streamlining a room is to remove anything which can be held in your hand or which is not serving a purpose. Before deciding which pieces can be returned to the room, this is the time to give it a thorough clean.

When advising clients on refreshing their homes, I recommend they check out the range of both handheld and upright vacuum cleaners from Bissell. Grit and dirt in your carpet will not only reduce its life, but it will also be harbouring odours and germs requiring heavy-duty extraction. It is recommended that you use a powerful vacuum at least once a week complimented with carpet foam or spray.

Once the room is clean and clear of clutter, sit down and absorb the feelings of peace created by the extra space! When bringing items back into the room, question whether it truly enhances the overall quality of the room, if not then storage or recycling may be the wisest option.

Let the Sunshine In


Natural light is one of the greatest ways to lift the mood of a room and best of all, it’s free! Natural light has been shown to regulate our circadian rhythm, affecting our sleep/wake cycle, our hormones, and even has a positive effect on chronic health conditions.

If you can’t afford a skylight then reassess your window treatments to maximise the entry of sunlight.

Artificial light, on the other hand, can be used to create warm and inviting spaces. Studies have found that light with red hues promote feelings of warmth and comfort, whereas blue tones increase feelings of angst.

Employing Colour

Take a walk through a display home and chances are you will see large pieces of light coloured furniture, bright artwork and vivid accessories such as throws and cushions. The reason for this is the tried and true fact that these bring harmony and light to rooms, imbuing them with positive energy. 

The secret to creating brighter rooms through paint is not colour but tone. The wrong yellow tones can be depressing (think nicotine yellow) and the right grey tones can be uplifting (think soft grey matched with crisp white trim).

Green Dream


Introducing indoor flowers and plants is a wonderful way to bring vibrancy and colour whilst avoiding the need for artificial air fresheners. In fact, many plant species can purify the air, removing toxins and indoor pollutants which may otherwise lead to fatigue, headaches and allergies.

Imagine having a home which was a delight to enter, not only for guests but to welcome home family members at the end of every day. The above suggestions are just a few of the myriads of affordable, simple and fast methods you can employ to create magically inviting living spaces in every room of your home!

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Karen Saunders
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