A Day in the Life of a Stay-at-Home Mum


Mummies across the world can all relate to the responsibilities that come with being a stay-at-home mum. Even though every mum might have a slightly different schedule (depending on how many kids you have or their age groups), the typical daily activities to be done are something all mums have in common. From household chores and grocery shopping, to running errands and cooking; everyday is a busy day!

Here’s a look at a day in the life of a typical stay-at-home mum in Sydney.

The Morning Rush

If you don’t want your morning to be rushed, you’re going to have to compromise on a lot of sleep! But that usually leaves you feeling tired for the rest of the day. Hence, getting in those crucial 8 hours of sleep is important for your body to function and get through a busy day ahead. A typical homemaker’s day will start at approximately 7:00 a.m. (if not earlier), before any other family member wakes up. Making breakfast, packing lunches, ironing the children’s uniforms are some of the typical activities you have to do every morning. Once the kids are dressed for school, have eaten breakfast and are ready to go, either you or your partner will drop them off to school or walk them to the bus stop. Now here’s where your ‘you’ time begins, only accompanied by the many responsibilities and chores for the day!

Grocery Shopping + Outdoor Errands

Now that you’ve finally eaten some breakfast, you decide what to cook for lunch and make a list of groceries you need to go buy. Get dressed, grab your car keys and you’re out the door. Of course, while you’re out, you may as well run a few errands that probably can’t wait till the weekend. Some of these might include bank work, paying the phone bill, going to the dry cleaners, etc. All in all, a stay-at-home mum will take about an hour or so before she makes it back home and moves on to the next daily activity.

Cooking and Chores

Back home, kick off your shoes and change into something baggy and comfortable. But before you can start cooking, you have to clear the breakfast table and wash the dishes. This is where a dishwasher really becomes handy. But don’t forget, at some point you even have to clean your dishwasher! Now, you begin cooking. When your dishes are left to simmer, you finally have a little free time, only to remember there’s dirty laundry to do! Put a load in, come back to the kitchen and wash up the items you’ve used in preparation for cooking lunch. Speaking of lunch, it’s done just in time for you to go pick up one or more kids up from school.

The After School (Not So) Special: More Chores!

You’ve picked up the kids, all of you have had a nice hot meal together but it’s back to work for you, and homework for the kids. Some stay-at-home mums may take a break for one hour to watch T.V. with the kids, but that usually depends on how many chores are left pending for the rest of the day. Dishes need to be done, the laundry has to be hung to dry and the house is yet to be cleaned. So while your kids are busy with their books, you begin these time and energy consuming chores. Before you can take a nice, relaxing shower after cleaning, you need to check your kids’ homework before they get the all-clear signal for T.V. and computer time. Now is when you can squeeze in that much-awaited bath; but then, you decide to wash the bathroom and end up hurrying your shower along. That may not be such a bad thing, however, considering you get to come out and relax for a bit more. But before you can get too comfortable in that lounger, you realise you’re not done for the day…

Take-Out for Dinner Again? No, Back to Cooking

For some stay-at-home mums who have older children and partners who come home early from work, this is perhaps the only time they have help when preparing a meal. This speeds up the process and of course, reduces the workload for mummy dearest. After dinner is cooked and everyone’s eaten, you tidy up in the kitchen (do the dishes, store away any leftovers in containers, wipe the counters, etc). Soon after, it’s time to put the kids to bed and fold the laundry that’s still hanging on the clothes rack. Finally, you wash up and jump into bed after a long day, knowing that tomorrow you’ll wake up to do it all over again for the family that you love so much!

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