3 Habits of Healthy Families You Don’t Hear About Often


We consider ourselves to be educated, and knowledgeable about our health. We all know the dangers of eating junk food, not getting enough exercise, and stress. Yet, obesity is a major concern in America. We have an epidemic of middle-class people who are addicted to pain medication, and some studies show that 65% of Americans have taken anxiety medications.

In this post, we are going to address three healthy habits that are proven to help improve the health of each member of your family. We will also address why people are not talking about them or using them as they should.

1. Eating together – For reasons that have nothing to do with bonding

No doubt you have read dozens of articles that tell you to insists that your family should eat one meal per day together as a family.  The reasons stated is it allows for bonding time. It Keeps everyone up to speed with what is happening in the lives of the other members of the family. This one meal per day is important, and while bonding and building consideration for others is emotionally healthy. But, there is an actual, physical issue why you need the one meal per day together.

We lead a busy life. We have so much going on that we are lucky if we can wash down a granola bar with a cup of coffee most mornings, and if we manage to get lunch, we have one hour to go to the restaurant, eat our food, and be back at our desk. That is not the kind of meal you need either. It is likely that before the end of the day you are popping antacids, Your body was not created to be nourished this way.

The science behind your sit-down meal.

Your stomach contains gastric acids. This acid is what processes your food. But it needs a partner. When you sit down at the table, set with a tablecloth, pretty dishes, and the smell of food being prepared, your senses awaken. Your body begins preparing for nutrition. You immediately feel your stress levels reducing. As the food is placed on your plate, your body naturally produces saliva. This is the ingredient that helps the gastric acid do its job. The combination breaks down the food naturally and it nourishes the body. The reduced stress, the casual and restful atmosphere, and allowing your body time to process your food reduces gastric problems. Indigestion, heartburn, and gas are no longer an issue. This is not a magic bullet. This is the way we are intended to live.

Share the knowledge. Let the people you know in on the secret. If you have a friend or relative about to getting married, a custom tablecloth with a message of why they need this will be a gift that keeps on giving.

2. Herbal Remedies can hurt you (or worse)

When a person is ill, they go to the doctor who prescribes them medication to help them recover comfortably.  The drugs are researched, tested, and must be approved by the Federal Drug Administration to be given to the public. Even then, the drug may not work. They come with risks of side-effects.

Let me state this another way. When you take a medication, you are chemically altering your body.

Before we had drugs or the FDA, people knew that certain herbs could alter the body. They would prepare the herbal remedy and hope If the person got better, they raved about the powers of the herb.

However, if the person died, they just assumed that the person was too sick for the herbal remedy to work. The idea that the herbal remedy could have killed someone with their illness was never considered.

Herbs are all natural. So is Water Hemlock, but it is toxic. Even if you are lucky and your herbal cures what you are trying to cure, you are not out of hot water. Some herbs have been tried and used long enough that there is evidence that they work well and naturally.

Before you use herbs or herbal supplements, check with your doctor. Certain herbs can reduce the effectiveness of prescriptions you take. For example consider St. John’s Wort. St. John’s Wort has been known to help with depression. But, there have been women who took this herbal supplement for depression, without consulting their doctors. Imagine their surprise when they discovered St. John’s Wort can reduce the strength of certain birth control medications. They found out when they discovered they were pregnant.

In short, ‘going green‘ is typically not the answer to every medical problem.

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3. Drink Something Hot On A Hot day To Cool You Off

It sounds silly, and it is rare for people to do this. But science has shown that drinking a hot drink on a hot day will cool you off a lot faster than drinking a cold drink.

When you have a hot drink, your body responds by increasing perspiration, This sweat cools the body from the outside. Except for coffee lovers, most people think they need something ice cold to do bring down their temperatures. But, the only part of your body that was instantly chilled is the stomach. The hot drink moistens the entire body and the slightest breeze cools the body really fast.

There are a lot of health tips out there that are right and some that are wrong. Use your common sense and consult with your doctor before consuming anything that changes the body. Looking it up on Web M.D. or Google does not make you an expert.

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